When can gallstones be a reason for concern?

A current ultrasound check to monitor my fatty liver illness revealed I also have gallstones. I have no signs and symptoms, yet I have actually been not able to obtain an in person consultation with my GP to discuss what, if anything, requires to be done. I feel like I’m in limbo. I’m 74 as well as fit for my age.

Don Rae, Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire.

Gallstones, recognized clinically as cholelithiasis, are little stones, usually comprised of cholesterol, which develop in the gallbladder.

This pouch-like body organ is tucked under the liver as well as stores bile, a fluid created by the liver that helps damage down fatty foods.

These stones cause no signs and require no treatment, and typically their presence is chosen up by chance, as in your case, when someone undertakes a check for an additional factor.

Gallstones are extremely common: around 6 percent of guys as well as nine percent of women have them, and also the possible causes are numerous– from age to excessive weight to unexpected weight reduction.

Gallstones, recognized clinically as cholelithiasis, are small rocks, typically made up of cholesterol, which form in the gallbladder

I can comprehend that not being offered any suggestions on what to do following is worrying, but the official assistance is not to treat them unless they do create issues.

Surgical procedure to eliminate them is only really considered if they trigger difficulties, such as acute cholecystitis (an infection in the gallbladder), pancreatitis (intense swelling of the pancreas) or biliary colic (when a stone moves from the gallbladder and also triggers an obstruction in among the close-by networks that drain pipes bile down right into the intestine– this is extremely unpleasant and also requires urgent clinical focus).

The surgery entails getting rid of the gallbladder along with the rocks, and also is carried out under a basic anaesthetic.

The signs that suggest issues typically begin suddenly and consist of an intense pain in your upper right abdominal area, a high temperature as well as nausea– however as you don’t have these, there must be no requirement for any intervention or therapy.

Yet if you were to experience any one of the problems laid out over, you must instantly be provided for surgical treatment to have your gallbladder eliminated, which is generally done throughout a keyhole treatment. Hopefully, a possibility will certainly emerge when you can go over the subject with a doctor at your method.

For many years, I’ve experienced awkward small cuts in the corner of my mouth. I’ve tried lots of solutions yet no luck. Can you recommend anything?

Brian Gibson, by e-mail.

This seems like angular stomatitis, additionally known as angular cheilitis– a condition that is most common in older people, happening when saliva gathers at the edges of the mouth, resulting in splitting.

The environment there– with a constant supply of moisture– motivates fungis as well as germs to thrive, creating swelling.

Dermatitis, improperly suitable dentures and also drooling during rest can all make it worse.

There’s some evidence that an absence of specific nutrients may be implicated– specifically not enough B vitamins, iron or healthy protein.

Other danger elements include long-lasting smoking as well as the wrinkling we obtain with age. I suggest you buy a tube of two per cent clotrimazole lotion (readily available from the drug store under the brand Canesten) as well as use using your little fingertip, moderately, twice daily for at least two weeks.

This medication is both anti-bacterial and also antifungal as well as should settle the irritated cracks.

After this, make it a habit to apply a little ball of Vaseline in the same way, two times daily, to stop the skin drying out.

This must likely be effective.

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