Videos show shocking treatment of elderly man by at-home health aides six months before his death

Shocking videos show the callous treatment of at-home health aides towards a 93-year-old man who was tied to his bed with his catheter then ignored while he writhed in pain on the floor while his carers slept, six months before dying of sepsis. 

The footage was exclusively obtained by DailyMail.com along with photos of the elderly man’s injuries, which included broken ribs and grazes to his knees and back.

It shows Henry Zahn struggling to walk while tethered to his bed with a catheter in February 2021 – a month before he died – while the aide who was meant to look after him lay in a reclining chair watching TV. Henry died in March 2021 after six months in the care of the aides at his son Thomas’s home in Holmes, New York.

In the February incident, the catheter was eventually yanked out of him, causing him to fall over.

The aide then pulled him to his feet harshly and shoved him back on the bed, pushing him down into a lying position without checking for injuries.

In another clip, taken on November 28, 2020, Henry is seen staggering around the apartment while the female aide on shift spoke to him.

A male aide, who the family say was not even due to be working, was lying on the couch watching TV with his feet up.

In harrowing footage provided to DailyMail.com, Henry Zahn is shown lying on the floor after falling over in his home while his at-home carer lies next to him on a chair, doing nothing to help. The 93-year-old man died of sepsis in March after suffering repeated infections which his family says was due to his catheter being ripped out

The carer had watched Henry walking past him with his catheter attached to his bed frame. The family says Henry was tied up ‘like an animal’ to make the carers’ lives easier

In other footage, Henry is seen falling over at 1.32am after the catheter that was attaching him to his bed snapped. His carer is sitting in the reclining chair

The carer got up to help Henry than shoved him back into his bed (right) and reattached his catheter, ramming it into his leg

Henry died in March 2021. He is shown in the hospital not long before he passed. His family say it was a ‘travesty’ that he didn’t receive better care

Henry Zahn is shown before his health deteriorated. He lived with his adult son Tommy in Holmes, New York

The female aide was sitting in a chair in the kitchen. She beckoned Henry towards her, then handed him a bag of chips before turning back to the TV. She then gestured for him to walk back to bed.

He fell on the way, smacking into a hard wooden chair before landing on the ground.  The male who was there didn’t bother getting to his feet for several seconds.

He then shoved both hands under Henry’s armpits and yanked him up, without checking whether or not he’d been hurt on the floor, and put him in a chair.

Henry died in March 2021, barely six months after the aides started looking after him in the basement of his son’s home in White Plains, New York.

Now, his family is suing Genesa Home and Companionship Agency and Fidelis Insurance.

Fidelis was Henry’s son’s insurance company and it was through them that he says Genesa Home and Agency carers were provided to give ’24/7 care’ to his father.

Instead, he says they failed to tell him when his father hurt himself and often did nothing while he was in pain.

On one occasion, he says he had to go downstairs because he heard his father ‘screaming’ in pain. He found the carer next to him, having done nothing.

The Zahn family blames Genesa for his death, claiming that Henry died of sepsis caused by an infection after the catheter in his leg was ripped out multiple times. They say it only ripped out because the aides wrapped it around his bed to stop him from wandering around.

The female aide holds out a bag of potato chips beckoning Henry to the kitchen while she sits in a chair and another aide sits on the couch watching TV

In other shocking footage, a female carer sitting at Henry’s kitchen counter beckons him over to her for a bag of chips. A male carer is sitting watching TV

Henry fell over as he tried to make his way back to his bed. The female aide went to help him but the male sat on the couch continuing to watch TV

He eventually got up to help the female aide carry Henry into a chair. The family says the male aide was not scheduled to work that day

The family says his carers never made any mention of his injuries.

The family says they have no proof that the treatment of Henry by his at-home aides contributed to his death, but that they were shocked by it

It wasn’t until they reviewed the footage taken in the basement that they took Henry to the hospital that they learned the extent of them.

‘This is a travesty and it can happen to anybody’s parent or family members. It can happen to any of us.

The reason it’s particularly relevant now is that more people are choosing at-home care because of COVID.

‘This is a current concern.’

She said the family ‘absolutely’ believes Henry would still be alive if it wasn’t for the infections he suffered as a result of the catheter being ripped out of him.

‘They dropped him at least 3 times, had four broken ribs, the catheter was ripped out of him.

He died of sepsis. The quality of his last few months of life. Can you imagine?

‘Just being alone down there and nobody helping?

‘He was tethered to his bed like an animal. I wouldn’t even do that to an animal.’

Lawyers for Genesa did not immediately respond to DailyMail.com’s inquiries on Monday morning.

Henry’s injuries included four fractured rips, cuts and scratches on his legs and infections from the catheter being ripped out, his family said

Heny’s catheter injuries, left, and grazes and bruises on his back, right, which his family say were the result of falls

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