Are gummy vitamins as good as regular multi-vitamins?

With the rising popularity of chewable, sweet vitamins for both adults and kids, the real question is: Do they work same? And is the gummy vitamin an adequate substitute to a standard multi-vitamin?

How do you get your daily dose of vitamins? Whether from a multi-vitamin, a gummy vitamin or a balanced diet, there are some key differences.

Experts advise to proceed with caution.

“There are two main issues with gummy vitamins,” says Dr. Yasser Said, an internal medicine physician at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Ill. “First, with gummy vitamins, it is harder to control the appropriate vitamin content given the manufacturing process. This means that content is more variable, and sometimes the portions that are stated on the labels are inaccurate. Second, these vitamins contain sugar. While the amount is modest for a healthy adult, accustoming a child to receiving a sugary ‘snack’ every day could be problematic.”

Gummy vitamins have one gram or more of simple sugar per vitamin, says Dr. Said.

That can add up.

Dr. Said recommends avoiding gummy vitamins for kids and sticking to only what is required for adults.

But are there benefits?

“Gummy vitamins are still a good alternative if someone can’t take other vitamins, either because they have trouble swallowing them or can’t tolerate the taste,” he explains. “They can be useful if someone has been diagnosed with a vitamin deficiency and has no other viable way of taking vitamins. Still, it’s important to note that since the dosage can be inaccurate, these types of vitamins should be avoided if someone has a severe deficiency and requires a specific daily dosage.”

Are there other groups that should steer clear of the gummy vitamin?

“Patients with severe diabetes should avoid them as well as younger children,” says Dr. Said. “While they may taste good, it’s important to note that all that tastes good is NOT good for you!”

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