Helping Autistic Youth Move Into Adulthood

The transition from adolescence to the adult years is never simple, as well as for young adults with autism spectrum disorder and their caretakers, it can seem especially overwhelming.

Tasks such as opening a bank account, acquiring an automobile, and managing medical insurance can be especially testing for individuals with developmental impairments.

New research from the University of Missouri looks for to improve freedom for people with autism by establishing individualized objectives early in teenage years and giving possibilities to accomplish those objectives.

In the research study, Dr. Nancy Cheak-Zamora, an associate professor and also researcher at the Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, determined the self-determination of young adults with autism to far better assist their transition to the adult years.

” We discovered that there was a disconnect in between the support the caretakers are offering and what the young people are doing themselves to become extra independent,” Cheak-Zamora stated.

” We need to enable teens, especially those with specials needs, to take on greater obligations at an earlier age and increase their assumptions by very first asking about their goals and afterwards giving the resources and support group to aid them accomplish those goals.”

Cheak-Zamora partnered with 5 autism centers throughout the country to evaluate more than 500 caregivers of young adults with autism in between the ages of 16 and also 25. She worked with undergraduate and graduate trainees to evaluate the outcomes and located that several young people with autism are struggling to achieve freedom.

Cheak-Zamora discussed that boosting self-reliance for young adults with autism begins with moving the perception concerning what individuals with developmental impairments can achieve.

” As a culture it would be valuable to move away from a focus on deficiencies and also difficulties that people with autism and also various other impairments encounter to considering their staminas and also capability. We can then create means to aid everyone improve their strengths,” Cheak-Zamora stated.

” For instance, numerous with autism are extremely detail-oriented. So, allow’s think of work chances that need extremely in-depth job so they can make use of that ability as a possession to succeed in employment. Not only will the specific benefit, but culture all at once will as well.”

Cheak-Zamora advises that moms and dads as well as caretakers give all teenagers, consisting of those with developmental impairments, with chances to experience understanding a job, such as cooking, shopping, taking care of money or driving.

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