What Personality Traits are Narcissists Attracted To?

I’m going to claim that narcissists are drawn in to every little thing they aren’t. Act superior and also surround on your own with rich individuals if you want to feel rich you clothe well. You may not have deposit, but your lifestyle says WEALTHY.

All of us know there are certain traits missing out on in the narcissist’s makeup. The narcissist knows this likewise so, he is mosting likely to be drawn in to those that, as he needs, make him look great.

The narcissist is an empty shell yet, they are smart sufficient to understand that if they are mosting likely to show up pleasant and also come to be socially approved, they need to connect themselves to someone whose skirt tails they can ride.

Personality Traits That Attract a Narcissist:

  • Intelligence.
  • Being empathetic as well as compassionate.
  • Having altruistic passions.
  • Showing heart.
  • Able to share compassion and empathy.
  • High moral compass.
  • Sincerity, warm-heartedness and also inner elegance.
  • Being really worried concerning the wellbeing of others.
  • Psychological maturity.
  • Friendliness and also a love forever. Favorable attitude.
  • Spirit- an open as well as pleased spirit.
  • Success and accomplishments.
  • Hierarchy or social place on the ‘social ladder.’
  • Resources- materialistic true blessings or achievements.
  • Special talents, presents, and also capacities.
  • A real care for others, animals and the world.
  • Shyness as well as insecurities.
  • Someone easily shapeable.
  • Internal charm.
  • Exterior charm and also someone they can ‘flaunt.’

You’ll notice, organized in with those characteristics is, shyness, insecurities as well as easily shapeable. That’s the secret, they want someone who appears to have it all together externally but struggles with self-worth problems, codependency problems and also will certainly to transform to please the narcissist. They desire a lady to mirror well upon them, but they also want one they can adjust.

I remember being frequently enhanced by my ex-spouse because of my volunteer job, my appearances, my selected job, and also my love of animals. On the various other hand, he was really curious about family members of origin issues I managed and exactly how those had influenced me.

I made the blunder of puzzling his interest with caring as well as problem. When we got to the adjustment phase of our relationship, I understand currently that what he was doing was arming himself with ammo to utilize. Feigning passion in concerns you find tough to handle is all part of the manipulation video game they play.

Personality Traits That Attract a Narcissist

How Does a Woman Keep from Being the Victim of a Narcissist?

Below are some inquiries you require to ask yourself. Safeguarding yourself from a narcissist has a great deal to do with just how secure your borders are and also how much negative behavior you’ll approve in a relationship.

Have you ever ended a relationship due to the fact that the various other person was also selfish?

Or, do you make reasons and also blame on your own for not giving sufficient in the partnership?

Do you have clear limits that you impose regarding what kinds of habits you will or will not tolerate from a charming companion?

If a connection began splendidly, however promptly goes downhill, do you remain in it wishing that it will improve?

Does being “in love” trump being treated well?

Do you endure being devalued?

Do you make reasons for the various other person’s poor actions? They don’t truly indicate it. They had a difficult day.

If the individual’s behavior turns violent do you leave right away?

If you answered yes to any of these concerns or, you’re unclear just how you would certainly respond in the circumstance, you’re exactly the kind of lady a narcissist is brought in to. You’re the female who will hang on when she needs to have let go. You’re the lady who’ll locate herself trying to recoup from conceited misuse and also questioning what the heck happened to that fantastic male she loved.

Do not be that lady!


If you find on your own in a partnership with a guy who makes you really feel uncomfortable or regularly adjusts you right into doing things you don’t wish to do, he is probably not right for you. Whether he is a narcissist or not, it’s crucial to discover to trust your intestine and also not accept negative actions regardless of how you feel regarding a guy. That is what will certainly keep you from ever ending up being the victim of a narcissist.

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