It’s Vax Or Mask To Get Inside Denver Businesses

Donna Astemborski walked to the door and then turned away, “I was going to come in and have a drink at the bar, but unfortunately there’s a sign up they want you to be vaccinated, but I’m not yet though.”

In Denver, the new phrase to remember is “Vax or Mask.” That is the mandate for all indoor public spaces for those two years and older. Some places are already ahead of the game.

If you want some Nashville chicken at Lou’s Food Bar or one of their “fun drinks” look closely at the door.

That’s right, to eat inside you must be fully vaccinated.

Omar Garcia of Lou’s said not everyone is eager to comply, “It’s a little hard people get mad when we make questions about vaccinations but it’s part of my job.”

Not quite as strict, the rule for all indoor public spaces becomes mask or vaxxed.

At a news conference on Tuesday, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock spelled it out, face-covering required for everyone two and older, in public spaces or proof of vaccination. He blamed it on those who still have not been vaccinated.

“If the other communities in Colorado and around the country took the affirmative action we did with vaccines, the pandemic would be under control,” Hancock said.

With hospitals filling with mostly unvaccinated COVID-19 patients, the health officials emphasized they had to act now.

Dr. Dawn Comstock says people are dying at a clearly unacceptable rate, “Since March of 2021, 1,035 Jefferson County residents have died from COVID-19. That’s almost two of our neighbors on average dying every single day.”

The counties are moving close to what Lou’s Food Bar has already done.

“When they place their order, that’s when I ask for the vaccination card,” said Garcia.

Here they even will help you recover it from the state with your phone. And all employees must have gotten the shots, too.

The mandate in Denver is to run to Jan. 2, 2022, as of now.

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