State Of Colorado Employee Vaccination Rate Far Below Those Of City Of Denver

At the deadline, the City and County of Denver reported that 99% of its workforce was vaccinated against COVID-19. CBS4 checked the State of Colorado figures and found 76% have indicated that they are vaccinated.

The reason for the big difference in numbers between the City and County of Denver and the State of Colorado is a difference in polices.

It was back in January when Gov. Jared Polis received his vaccination.

“As governor, I wanted to put my arm where my mouth was and roll up my sleeve and get it. I have the badge to prove it,” he said then.

It was much later in the summer when he issued a mandate. All state employees must attest to their vaccination status by Sept. 20. There is an alternative to the shot: they can get tested twice a week for COVID-19.

Doug Platt, the spokesman for the Department of Personnel told CBS4, “I think it’s been working well, of course, we have been striving to get full compliance and a safe and healthy workplace for everybody.”

There are four exceptions to the rule. Vaccinations are required for those who work in the Department of Corrections, Human Services, Public Health and Information Technology. That means prison guards and others who work in round-the-clock facilities.

That does not include the State Patrol which had 57% of its uninformed staff fully vaccinated as of this week. Others have gotten tested.

Platt added, “We like to think we what we are doing is providing not only employees but all the citizens that do business with the state of Colorado a healthy and safe workplace.”

If not vaccinated, proof of testing must be submitted by workers and tracked.

A healthcare Worker hands in surgical gloves pulling COVID-19 vaccine liquid from vial to vaccinate a patient.

When the governor issued his mandate for state employees, he stated in a release that some are terrified their co-workers will give them COVID-19 and others don’t want the vaccine, so they’ve taken a middle-of-the-road approach.

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