Dad Calls Colorado Baby Born With Rare Birth Defect ‘A Little Rock Star’

A baby born with some of her organs protruding from her body is now home with her parents in Frederick. Isabella Rhea Beach spent her first month of life in Children’s Hospital Colorado where she had five surgeries to repair the rare birth defect.

Already, her life story is amazing.

Little Bella came into the world with an omphalocele, a hole in the abdominal wall. Her liver and part of her bowel were in a nearly transparent sac poking out of her belly.

“It kind of knocked us off our feet,” said Katherine Beach, Bella’s mother.

The problem was detected on an early ultrasound. Katherine and Aaron Beach were devastated.

“The doctors we initially had said there was very little chance of survival and that we should consider termination,” said Aaron.

Instead, they went to Children’s Hospital Colorado and Dr. Ken Liechty, co-director of the Colorado Fetal Care Center. Liechty is a fetal and pediatric surgeon with extensive experience with omphalocele.

“We knew that the baby could do quite well,” said Liechty.

“Gave us a lot of hope,” said Katherine.

Bella was born Nov. 10, 2020, by cesarean section at Children’s. She had five surgeries in her first 8 days to gradually push her organs back into her abdomen and spent 37 days in the NICU.

“Challenging,” said Katherine.

Katherine leaned on the nurses, especially Jenny Trujillo, RN.

“We just connected,” said Jenny.

“It felt like I was hanging out with friends but they were saving my baby’s life at the same time,” explained Katherine.

“I will cherish that relationship, forever,” said Jenny.

Six months later, Bella is beaming.

“She’s a little rock star,” said Aaron with a chuckle.

“She should be a troublemaking toddler pretty soon,” said Dr. Liechty.

And that’s just fine with everyone who loves her.

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