Small Businesses Helping Boost Vaccine Numbers

The one-day clinic occurred during normal business hours, allowing customers the opportunity to get a shot of the Pfizer vaccine while they stopped to get a shot of espresso or a snack. Anyone interested could make an appointment or simply show up.

With about a third of Coloradans fully vaccinated, the state’s effort to inoculate more people now includes partnerships with community organizations and small businesses.

In the historic Five Points Neighborhood, Coffee at the Point hosted a vaccine clinic Monday. Store manager, Rachel Clark, helped organize it, coordinating with the governor’s office and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

“Our whole sort of mantra at Coffee at the Point is serving the community,” Clark said. “We are serving the community today by making the COVID-19 vaccine more accessible.”

This event is one of several planned in coordination with Gov. Jared Polis’ “Vaccines for All” efforts. According to a news release, the State of Colorado is now allocating vaccines to community-based organizations which will host clinics focused on “vaccinating underserved Coloradans and span a variety of diverse communities.”

“To help make them more available to average people in the community who may not have a primary care physician or who may not be able to get to a doctor’s office or something like that, but they’re in walking distance of the coffee shop,” said Clark.

In preparation for Monday’s clinic, Coffee at the Point employees posted on social media and put up fliers with a QR code around the area. While 100 doses were available, fewer than a dozen people made appointments in advance.

“Anybody who is super excited about getting their vaccine or wants it immediately has already gotten their vaccine, so now we’re trying to reach folks who maybe it’s more challenging throughout their day or week to make time for that vaccine,” said Elizabeth Phillips, rapid response team lead with CDPHE.

Phillips said hosting clinics in familiar locations can be a welcome change for people who are intimidated by more clinical settings. They can also be easier for people without access to health care or transportation.

“This is enabling us to come to them and capture people so that way they don’t fall through the cracks,” Phillips said.

In the coming days, similar clinics will be held by different community organizations. Information on those clinics is below:


  • A C Enterprises LLC/ Trinity UMC Food Pantry


  • Pikes Peak Library District / Sand Creek
  • Iora Primary Care, Arvada Practice
  • Barnum Rec Center/ MLK Rec Center/ Montbello Rec Center
  • St. Benedict Health and Healing Ministry


  • Bear Valley Library

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