State Issues Cease And Desist Order To Man Posing As Colorado Doctor

A CBS4 Investigation found the man, Osborne Embiruka Nyandiva, has also been passing off other fake diplomas and documents to portray himself as a doctor.

The Colorado Medical Board has ordered a man to stop using a fake Colorado medical license which he has apparently been using in other countries to secure jobs as a medical lecturer and professor.

The forgeries were spotted by administrators at the University of Health Sciences Antigua where Nyandiva applied for a faculty job in February. He presented a lengthy resume of licenses and diplomas indicating he was a medical doctor specializing in pathology.

“He sent us his credentials, the font looked fake, the license itself looked very fake,” said Dr. Manuel Flores, Executive Vice- President For Academic Affairs at the university.

“Everything is very, very fake,” Flores told CBS4. The phony Colorado medical license was dated April 8, 2015, and authorized Nyandiva to practice medicine in the State of Colorado.

Flores then contacted Colorado medical authorities who investigated and determined Nyandiva “has never been licensed to practice medicine in the state of Colorado.”

State medical administrators issued a cease and desist order.

The Colorado Medical Board told CBS4 it is extremely rare for someone to forge a license and masquerade as a Colorado doctor.
They said it had only happened two other times since 2017.

CBS4 checked other credentials Nyandiva was using. One degree that was part of his resume was awarded to “her.” Another diploma came from a University in Australia which told CBS4 they never issued the document and had no record of Nyandiva.

Flores said Nyandiva’s charade puts real patients at risk.

“If you go for surgery, a biopsy and this person diagnoses you, you can die from this,” said Flores. “People like this should be doing something good for society and not trying to fake their ways into medical schools and doing this thing.”

CBS4 attempted to contact Nyandiva via multiple emails and other electronic means. He did not respond.

Lee Rasizer, Public Information Officer for the Colorado Medical Board, said a criminal investigation is being pursued.

“A referral has been made to the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.”

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