City Of Aurora Wants To Make Sure No Community Is Left Out

That’s why at The Stampede in Aurora Saturday, it was a sight they probably hadn’t seen since the start of the pandemic: lines to get in. Kendall Koca, the Manager of the Office of Special Projects for the City Manager’s Office in Aurora, says “They have been closed this whole time so being able to give business like this some business is great.”

On a nice day along Havana Street in Aurora, things look like they are almost back to normal, but looks can be deceiving. COVID is still a threat to public health and businesses still have restrictions about how many people they can let in. And of course there’s the mask mandate.

People weren’t there to two step; they were there to get the first of two shots required for the COVID-19 vaccine. The goal for the City of Aurora and its partners that put on the vaccine clinic is simple; get people vaccinated so businesses can open up fully again.

“Once we get everybody healthy we can enjoy these places,” said Koca.

They gave out more than 850 shots, which is challenging in a city as diverse as Aurora.

“The City of Aurora has upwards of 300 languages,” said Koca.

That’s why in addition to volunteers taking temperatures and giving shots, they had interpreters for those who may need them.

“It’s scary to come in and just get a shot and not understand it,” Koca explained.

They are leaving no community out and making sure everyone knows the vaccine is safe, effective, and Aurora’s key to normalcy.

“I just think it’s such an amazing event,” said Koca.

Like most clinics, this clinic was by appointment only. They said it was a smooth operation; they got people in quickly and safely.

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