NHS trust investigates cluster of ‘unusual infections’ in children’s hospital

NHS Grampian said they were taking a “very precautionary approach” and looking for any potential links that these infections could have to the hospital environment.

A number of “unusual infections” have been discovered among patients at the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital (RACH), prompting investigation by an NHS trust.

These precautions include relocating some procedures, with the trust also warning that there may be delays in treatment for a small number of patients.

They were keen to point out that the hospital will continue to admit and treat patients as normal whilst the investigation is ongoing.

An NHS Grampian spokesman explained: “While we investigate the causes of this – and whether or not there is a link to the hospital environment – we are taking a very precautionary approach.

“This means we are changing some of our processes in theatres and considering the relocation of some procedures.

“This may lead to a delay for a very small number of patients, for which we apologise. We are communicating directly with both patients and staff about this. RACH continues to admit and treat patients as normal.”

The RACH provides services for children up to the age of 16, across the north of Scotland. The hospital covers a range of paediatric services with both inpatient and outpatient care.

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