Colorado Mobile Prosthetics Company Thrives During the Pandemic

In this time of COVID-19, at-home care is more important than ever.

On a Monday in July in Lakewood, Adrian Wuerth had an unusual house call. Adrian’s prosthesis had been giving him some pain.

“It’s too tight along my knee right here,” he told Eric Neufeld.

Eric is not your typical repairman. He arrived in a van full of special tools and the ability to fit Adrian’s artificial leg on the spot.

While many businesses are struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic, there is one that has actually expanded. A fleet of mobile clinics to treat people with artificial limbs is now serving patients in northern Colorado.

Eric is the owner of Agile Orthopedics, a mobile prosthetics company.

“We see amputees in place,” he explained. “Basically on their terms wherever they want to be seen.”

Adrian lost his leg in a motorcycle crash in August 2018.

“I got t-boned by a Chevy Tahoe,” he said.

Adrian met Eric in the hospital.

“He’s quite frankly, been a savior for me,” said the 38 year old.

Adrian said with balance issues and the need to tweak his prosthesis often, bringing the clinic to him has been more comfortable, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

“More convenient here, safer here, better for me here,” he said.

Many businesses have been struggling because of the restrictions brought on by COVID-19, but not Agile.

“There’s been an uptick in business,” Eric said.

In fact, Agile recently expanded to Fort Collins and other parts of northern Colorado.

“It’s just brought more awareness to the value of an in-home, on-site service like ours,” Eric said.

Thanks to Eric’s expertise and a few adjustments, Adrian was a satisfied customer.

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