I went to a new-age wellness centre for oxygen treatment

I’m #blessed that I’m usually sent out to trial these odd as well as fantastic new therapies through job so I value that they’re except the faint-hearted or budget-conscious (a week at VivaMayr includes a trip and will certainly establish you back at least ₤ 1,500), which is why I’m inviting the arrival of a brand-new wellness centre with open arms.

I will do definitely anything in my pursuit for better wellness. I’ve tested Limitless-style nootropics to enhance my cognitive function, trialled the A-list’s favourite exercise classes, stood out every (legal) tablet and also supplement under the sun as well as even invested a week at evasive health resort, VivaMayr.

BelleCell, which essentially indicates gorgeous cell, is a committed center for wellness, wellbeing and also beauty that’s just opened in London, giving routine people accessibility to the treatments formerly scheduled for the abundant, popular and also those ‘‘ in the know’. The centre incorporates genetic and scientific way of living screening as well as procedures, uses personal regenerative programmes and efficiency optimization to assist you achieve ideal wellness.

All programs are customized to your personal biology as well as are developed with molecular wellness in mind to offer your cells just what they require. This is the future of health, right here on our doorstep. The team guarantee to aid site visitors reach peak efficiency by great tuning their bodies to carry out at their ideal emotionally and literally with a combination of scientific research, innovation, nourishment, efficiency, oxygen therapies and biohacking strategies.

Hidden in a simple yard behind the Ritz, I come down the spiral staircase to BelleCell as well as momentarily feel like an extra in a James Bond film. The advanced furnishings, blue illumination and immaculately-dressed personnel is extremely boujee and I right away feel ‘‘ well’. Ah, the sugar pill impact.

I’m reserved in for Airnergy Inhalation as well as High-Tech Head Massage. Airnergy Inhalation involves taking deep breaths of energised air from a tube that’s popped into your nose to promote and regrow cells longevity. Advantages include restoring your cells, enhancing energy, increasing imagination, strengthening your body immune system and increasing flow.

Whilst I’m taking in the pure, clean air (an unlike television smoke I’m accustomed to), I put on a brilliant headset that treats me to a High-Tech Head Massage that’s made to offer a tension-relieving, circulation-boosting treatment to your head and scalp. Benefits include: eliminating stress in head as well as temples, relieving stress in the neck and back, numerous warmth as well as stamina settings as well as calms your pressure points. As a life time victim of migraines, I’m desperate for this man to function his magic on my stressful head. 2 mins in as well as I quickly feel zen. The head massage therapy is the very best I’ve ever had and the stress as well as speed can be changed via a convenient controller.

Yes, I feel excellent, but has it done good? Currently for the science things…

…”The treatments at BelleCell decrease damage on a cellular level as well as boost the body’s all-natural regrowth, which in turn boosts the optimization of our cells and permits them to operate at their finest,” describes my expert. “These innovations suggest we can boost our life-span yet also, by utilising the understanding of our DNA, increase our wellness period. Basically, BelleCell tackles the ageing of our cells, which can assist us to stay much healthier for longer.”

Other treatments available include a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, which entails breathing pure oxygen in a pressurised setting with benefits like boosted healing, energy and regeneration, along with Energise-Me Myers drip made to improve your energy as well as revitalise your body. If you’re seeking to splurge on your wellness, you can embark on a full regenerative programme, which can be tailor-made based on your health and also objectives and incorporate as a lot of these strange and terrific wellness therapies as your body needs.

Welcome to the future.

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