Proper nutrition menu

Proper nutrition involves eating healthy foods, having a diet, the right selection of ingredients depending on the time of day, and regular physical activity. But it can be tasty and varied.

Proper nutrition may not be boring. So, if you study this question in detail, you can understand that eating healthy – this does not mean that for the rest of your days you have to eat boiled broccoli with carrots, dreaming of a delicious cheese or meat. Not.

I would like to immediately note that in order to maintain proper nutrition, you need to cook yourself. Yes, these are not complicated dishes and they will not take up a lot of your time. But cooking, anyway, will have to. Absolutely, like thinking ahead, how to organize a diet.


So, for example, if you work, then stock up on several lunchboxes so that you have two snacks and a full lunch with you at work. After all, remember, the main thing instilled the proper nutrition sounds like this – you can not feel hunger. Under no circumstances. It is this rule that will help you establish the right diet, get rid of extra pounds and help you quickly get the result from classes in the gym or home training.

First day

Breakfast: oatmeal on the water with nuts, apples and pears (you can add any other fruits if desired).

Second breakfast: yogurt.

Lunch: fish soup.

Snack: fruit.

Dinner: baked chicken, vegetable salad, a little brown rice.

Second day

Breakfast: omelet with cheese and herbs.

Second breakfast: milkshake with a banana.

Lunch: beef with buckwheat.

Snack: cottage cheese with fruits.

Dinner: stewed fish with salad (you can have a little side dish: barley, millet porridge).

The third day

Breakfast: hot sandwiches with cheese, tomatoes and lettuce (made on brown bread) – 2 pcs.

Second breakfast: tomato and feta salad.

Lunch: pasta with meat and vegetables (with olive oil. Choose the meat variety to taste. The main thing, it should be lean).

Snack: fruit.

Dinner: chicken with asparagus (fry chicken with asparagus).

Fourth day

Breakfast: gray flour fritters with fruits – 3 pcs.

Snack: kefir.

Lunch: rice with chicken and vegetables (stew chicken and vegetables in a pan).

Snack: fruit with cottage cheese.

Dinner: omelet with cheese and mushrooms.

Fifth day

Breakfast: rice with raisins.

Second breakfast: a sandwich with cheese, salad and tomato (on black or gray bread).

Lunch: Baked Potatoes

Snack: yogurt and fruits.

Dinner: rabbit in sour cream, a salad of vegetables seasoned with olive oil.

If you plan to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, refuse the use of white bread, milk and white chocolate, mayonnaise and other fatty sauces. Choose yogurts without dyes. Also, do not forget to drink enough water.

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