The symptoms and treatment of gonarthritis knee

Genatric – a dangerous disease of the knee joint, which develops unnoticed, but further leads to the development of disability and immobility of the knee.

It all starts with the moment that occurs abrasion of the cartilage. For this there are a lot of reasons. Due to the significant decrease in the amount of cartilage, the knee loses its shock-absorbing function, resulting in loss of elasticity and firmness.

The process can be complicated by the appearance of bone growths. It causes inflamed and stiff.


Mostly this disease is found in athletes and the elderly. The first due to a heavy load. The second is due to degenerative changes in the joints. But there are many other precipitating factors, which should definitely pay attention to.


  1. Disturbances in metabolic processes.
  2. Of circulatory disorders.
  3. Weight.
  4. Leg injuries – cracks, fractures, sprains, muscle tears.
  5. Untreated injury.
  6. Excessive load on the legs.
  7. Disorders in the endocrine system.
  8. Disorders in the hormonal system.
  9. Heredity.

Genatric the knee joint is one of the most dangerous diseases. It has virtually no symptoms in the beginning, and when the first complaints appear, the disease is already in full swing and most of the cartilage is already destroyed.

The first manifestation

It is very important when the first symptoms to see a doctor, even if they seem insignificant. The main complaint aching or nagging pain in the knee, which develops from time to time and rather quickly. Most often it is blamed on fatigue.

The second symptom is aching pain that appears after a long walk. This manifestation can add a feeling of tightening muscles.

Heartit has other symptoms – feeling of stiffness in the morning, long flowing pain syndrome that won’t go away, but only reduces its intensity during sudden movements can be heard crunching.

Also, the patient will complain of difficulty in bending or straightening the knee, appears limp. The pain may disappear during the horizontal position, but appears again at night.

In case of advanced disease appears deformity of the knee and lower leg that becomes visible to the naked eye. Over time, all the symptoms are worse. The patient completely loses the ability to move – for this he required crutches or a wheelchair.


When the first symptoms should consult a podiatrist. Treatment of gonarthritis is appointed only after carrying out certain diagnostic procedures.

First conducted x-rays. But at the initial stage it will not show any changes, only when pronounced changes, the technique is justified.

The most modern and informative method should be considered MRI. This will allow you to understand exactly how much destroyed the joint, and even see early changes in the cartilage when the symptoms did not manifest itself.

Can also be used ultrasound. But it is not the most informative method, so you can use it as an extra.

How to get rid of

Treatment of gonarthritis knee joint of 1 degree is carried out with minimal use of medicines. Great emphasis is placed on methods such as physiotherapy and reflexology. The main thing is to slow down the destruction of cartilage and restore what has been destroyed.

For pain used drugs from the group of NSAIDs, most often acetaminophen, diclofenac, indomethacin. These drugs do not cure the disease but relieve the pain. Take these drugs should be only on prescription in the exact dosages and short time. In the absence of effect it is necessary to consult a doctor.

On the second place in importance in the treatment of gonarthritis knee joint of 2 degrees are chondroprotectors. They can be produced under a variety of names, but they have one common effect – they help to restore cartilage. The most effective should be considered the don, Artra, Diacerein.

To remove the inflammatory process, the doctor may recommend to undergo intra-articular injections using corticosteroids. Among all drugs especially often used Kenalog, and Hydrocortisone.

Genatric knee joint of 3 degrees almost always requires surgery. And the only way to get rid of pain a prosthetic joint. With regard to folk treatment methods, some of them in this pathology should be abandoned. If applied, for example, rubbing, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.

Heartit, symptoms of which can be very different, and the treatment is long and often has a poor prognosis. Especially if the patient went to the doctor in the midst of the disease.

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