How to deal with stress

The first cause of stressful situations at work is chronic fatigue. You can’t work hard to exhaustion, even if you think it is absolutely necessary. One day, your body may fail. Plan your time and find opportunities for sports. For example, on weekends you can visit the nearest pool.

Swimming not only strengthens muscles perfectly, but also gives relaxation. Spend a weekend for your benefit, communicate with friends, visit interesting places.

Constant stresses have become an integral part of the lives of many people – especially those who have to spend most of their time in the office. However, there are techniques to cope with this scourge. The psychologist and parapsychologist of Saona knows several effective anti-stress techniques.

Nervous stress can negatively affect our health at the most inopportune moment. We will tell you how to suppress negative emotions.

Your task is not to focus only on work, and even with a minimum of free time, find options in order to do what will help you switch. Your life should not be boring and monotonous. Only this will help you cope with the stresses, which in our life every day more and more. However, there are techniques

A minute with closed eyes

Imagine something nice. For example, mentally going to the sea, you can make a certain reboot of the brain. Our task is to completely disconnect from the present moment and at least for a minute to give our body a rest.

A few sips of water

It is useful to drink water in small sips, while throwing back your head. If you do this several times, it will help to include certain areas of the brain and increase its performance.

Breathing exercises

Controlled breathing, which includes deep breaths, respiratory arrest, deep exhalation, helps reboot the body: the abdominal wall is pulled up, the diaphragm starts to work. It works in pump mode, lowers, rises, this leads to increased circulation of the internal organs, respectively, the brain is better saturated with oxygen. Breathe through your nose. Inhale, the stomach is filled with oxygen. Exhale, the stomach, as it were, is pulled to the spine. It is better to do nine breathing exercises, with each subsequent breath slowing down: slow inhalation, even slower exhalation.

It is very important to be able to control your emotions. It happens that during the working day, when you are tired, you perceive every, even minor failure, failure, a broken call, and incomprehensibility as something out of the ordinary, therefore you are ready to break because of a trifle. Remember that awareness of your problem is already half of its solution. When you understand that you are angry, upset, you begin to control them.

If you are not aware of this, then you will be hysterical, and accordingly, spend a lot of strength and energy on negative emotions. Also, you do not need to respond with a negative to a negative. The best tactic is not to engage in controversy, but to take time to ponder the situation in order to resolve it peacefully.

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