Drug victims after recovery

“On August 17, 2017, my pancreas refused because of alcohol. I was in the hospital room and was sure that I would die. I asked the nurse not to leave me alone before dying. Now I have not been drinking for a year and a half. I graduated from the school of nursing, and today I have the first day of practical work as a nurse! ”

“This photo was taken by police, here I am disconnected from an overdose. Photos scattered all over the Internet. After that, I was treated and have not been using drugs for three years. My son regained his mother! ”

The woman met a childhood friend dying from drugs. She talked to him, bought him breakfast and persuaded him to go to the hospital.

He is now participating in a drug abandonment program and is on the path to recovery. This is what true friendship is! ”

“I started taking steroids at the age of 19, doing bodybuilding. Then they were joined by amphetamines and cocaine, and later – crack. In the end, I humbled my pride and sought help. Now I’m 30 years old and haven’t been taking drugs for 78 days. ”

“My name is Madison. At 15, I first tried crack and heroin, and at 20 I ended up on a street without a roof over my head. I had 19 overdoses. In the end, I went to jail for drugs. It saved my life: I realized that I needed to ask for help. I’m lucky that my family supports me and believes in me. ”

“Because of the drugs I earned sepsis, the infection spread to my heart, I developed endocarditis. Doctors said that I would not live a year if I continued to take drugs. I’m in college now. I haven’t taken anything for 11 months. ”

“It all started with pills at age 21. At 24, when I was breaking, a friend gave me heroin, and soon I was already injecting them. At 25, methamphetamine was added to heroin. Over the next three years, I survived 8 overdoses. I lived with an old man who sold meth, and picked up needles for myself at the bottom of the trash. I did not care. I only came to my senses in prison, where I ended up for drugs. I served 15.5 months out of 18 and was released ahead of schedule. Now I am 30 years old, I have been sobriety for 2 years 8 months, I have a wonderful groom and daughter, who is 6.5 months old. Never give up! There is always a chance!”

“At the age of 15, I ran away from home, from felony parents, and fell into the hands of a pimp. He got me on meth. For 12 years, I traded my body in the streets of San Francisco. I was beaten and raped. At 26, I went to jail for the second time. There I went through two correctional programs. Now I have not eaten for 8 years. I study at the University of Sonoma and dream of becoming a social worker, helping those who find themselves in a difficult situation in life. ”

“I started taking drugs at 15, and quickly got to amphetamine. I lived with a guy who beat and raped me, but at the same time supplied drugs. We could not sleep for a week! But in the end, I managed to break free and get help. I have been sober for a year now and am studying as a nurse. ”

“I’m Alicia. “I have not been taking drugs for 11 months and am proud of it!”

“When I was 20, my friends and I somehow sat in the car, on the heroine, and one of us said:“ Guys, but this is not forever! Someday we will end this and lead a normal life! ” Today, of those who were sitting in that car, I was left alive. It’s very difficult to put an end to drugs – but this must be done, otherwise they will end you. ”

“I injected heroin, meth, crack, and everything else. But I managed to quit it. Left – I am September 12th. On the right, I am with my daughter during Halloween, after 60 days of sobriety. ”

“For a long time I denied my commitment to drugs, I thought I could quit at any moment. But once I had an overdose. Mom accidentally found me and called an ambulance. I barely got out. I was warned that the infection affected the heart, and every drug intake could be the last. But I still very soon returned to the drug. I could not stop and could not control myself. I was hiding from relatives. I was caught with the police to be put in a psychiatric hospital. Months of treatment, psychotherapy, drugs. I do not use since October 15, 2015, 1372 days. Every hour, every minute I remember drugs. I am a drug addict and always will be. But I want to live. Now I am studying as a paramedic and want to help those unfortunate people like me who have not yet found their way to sobriety. ”

“I sat on heroin and weighed less than 40 kilograms. I had to undergo treatment at a rehabilitation center 9 times to recover. And I succeeded! ”

“My name is Sarah, I’m 29. Since I was 15 years old I drank a lot and by the age of 26 I was diagnosed with stage 1 liver cirrhosis and alcoholic neuropathy. They predicted that I would spend the rest of the days in the chair. I, as I could, tried to get to my feet, and at the same time was treated for alcoholism. “I have not been drinking since June 24, 2017 and every day I thank fate for this!”

“My name is Michael. I have HIV after intravenous drug use. I left after I had an overdose, and my friends left me. The doctors saved my life, and the drug abandonment program allows me to stay sober for two years. ”

“My husband and I both used drugs. But after my younger brother died in 2010 after 10 years of drug use, we decided to quit and went to a Christian rehabilitation center. We have been sober for 9 years now. ”

“This is my friend Dylan. He has not been using drugs for 18 months. He is just fine! ”

“For six years I lied and stole for drugs. Now, after the rehabilitation program, I have not been using them for 60 days. ”

“393 days of my sobriety. This is just a miracle!”

“8 months ago I almost died of an overdose. After that, I decided to change my life. Today I have been clean for 84 days. ”

“My name is Jamie, I’m a former heroin and meth user. There are two years of difference between these photos. It’s possible to give up drugs! ”

“Three years ago, I was diagnosed with endocarditis, an infectious heart disease that many drug addicts die from. My mother was called to the clinic to let me know that I could die at any time. Before that I hadn’t talked to her for three years. When I saw her crying, my heart nearly broke. I took drugs from 18 to 28 years old. But after recovering, I firmly decided to end this. I haven’t been using it for three years now. ”

Peggy 19. She used to use heroin and meth. Now she has given up drugs. Look what a difference!

“At school I was an excellent student, a ballerina, I had a lot of plans. But they did not come true. What started as an innocent teenage prank ended in 15 years of a heroin nightmare. I slept in the streets, survived several overdoses, lost a child and family. I was sure that death was not far off. But now for three years now I have not been using drugs. I have two children. Relatives are nearby again. If I was able to quit, then it’s possible! ”

“I struggled with my addiction to drugs for most of my life. Now I have not consumed 2.5 years. I got right after 18 years of break. I work, and the other day I’m going to college, to be a consultant for those who want to quit drugs. ”

“I lived on the street, used heroin and meth. In May 2018, I was arrested. Since then I do not use. Now I have a completely different life. ”

“At 15, I started drinking, and I liked it. Soon I could no longer live without alcohol. One evening I drank, and even added 35 tablets. My relatives found me and brought me to the hospital. Doctors said that there would be 10 more minutes – and it would not be possible to save me. I spent a long time in a coma, and then learned to walk and talk again. From that day, March 3, 2016, I no longer drink. ”

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