Women’s Health, Healer Tips

Actually this is not true. The most important truth that many women and girls should remember is that women’s health does not require surgery.

The woman’s body is so strong, imprisoned by nature to overcome various problems and crises, that a woman is able to cope with a variety of diseases herself, without resorting to surgical intervention of doctors.

In the female body, nature itself has enormous healing abilities. Thanks to a very high immunity, he is able to heal himself, and it cannot be otherwise, since the female must live in nature in order to raise offspring.

And the woman’s body is much stronger than the man’s: this is also evidenced by the difference in life expectancy, which cannot be explained by any smoking or drinking alcohol. It’s just that the female body is stronger, and if so, then it can completely do without operations in the case of specific diseases.

The health of every woman is a real value, since the most important function, the continuation of the genus, directly depends on it. But in modern conditions, an increasing number of girls and women experience certain problems with reproductive health. Ecology, nutrition, and intense sex life, and abortions have an impact. Many women postpone visits to doctors until the last, and then, when they do appear in a medical institution, gynecologists begin to insist on surgery: they say that only in this way can women’s health be maintained.

But in order not to resort to surgical intervention, it is worth, firstly, initially taking care of your health – that is, eating right, leading a healthy lifestyle as much as possible, moving a lot, giving up foods containing chemical additives, and secondly, in case of illness, proceed with treatment with tried and tested folk remedies.

The best healers are water, sun and air. Therefore, instead of lying down at home or in a hospital ward, it is worthwhile, as far as possible, to be in the air, and in those places where it is clean, where there is a lot of it. Water treatments are another important way to cure many diseases.

Since each female disease has its own causes, you need to understand them. So, the cause of infertility can be smoking, malnutrition, abortion, transmitted genital tract infections, chronic diseases. And first of all, it is necessary to get rid of riskogenic factors – for example, quit smoking, cure sexually transmitted infections, and also observe 4 basic principles: a healthy and healthy lifestyle, healthy nutrition, the use of drugs, the use of medical methods and practices.

Very strong healing effect is possessed by medicines made on the basis of plants, as well as minerals. By their effect, they can well argue with the products of the pharmaceutical industry, just do not cause such harm to the body. And in any case, treatment with the help of practices and traditional medicine is much less dangerous and difficult for the body than surgery. Therefore, dear women, in case of any health problems, suspicions of illness, do not rush to lie down under the surgeon’s scalpel!

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