How people live with a rude face

Has it ever happened that your friend told you: “Make your face simpler!” And you have already done it. Why does it seem to those around you that you are unhappy with something, although in fact you are completely relaxed? Let’s try to figure it out.

What is “bitchy face syndrome”

The problem of people who are faced with criticism regarding their facial expressions is that the person does not really experience the emotions that are attributed to him – just his face has specific features. As a result, acquaintances and first comers make false conclusions and already at the initial stage of acquaintance treat you with prejudice.

To better imagine a person with such a face, google photos of Anna Kendrick, Kanye West and Kristen Stewart.

What is the reason

According to scientists, in a relaxed state, our face is usually neutral, but a certain percentage is allocated to emotions, but not more than 3%. In people with a bitchy face, the percentage of emotions is higher – somewhere around 6% – and the emotion is most often the same – contempt.

Who most often has a resting bitch face

In fact, both men and women are approximately in the same ratio in terms of the totality of such traits, but women have the most complaints. It’s all about social norms: a woman, in the opinion of society, should always be good-natured, cheerful and open. You can imagine what an avalanche of indignation falls upon the girls, whose facial features cannot be called inviting.

In the male world, seriousness is a rather important quality, therefore, representatives of the stronger sex care so much to look confident and courageous both in the eyes of women and in front of other male competitors.

How the syndrome affects life

Whatever we do to please a person, we are first of all evaluated by appearance, no matter how sad it sounds.

For another person, our facial features say a lot:

  • A person who seems attractive to us is more trustworthy, and we are ready to believe him and even exaggerate his knowledge of some issues.
  • People with a pronounced chin and large nose are associated with power and send a signal of their superiority over the opponent.
  • Holders of a chubby face and a rounded figure give the impression of soft and driven people.

A person with a tense face is most often misunderstood wherever he is. This can become an obstacle in the interview, especially when it comes to creative professions, and it is also not easy for such people to establish their personal lives.

Correcting rude facial features is difficult, but it is possible, however, many are simply not ready for such changes. In any case, others should not make hasty conclusions and try to get to know the person better.

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