How to play sports with a sore back

People of different ages complain of back pain, for some it becomes part of life. European champion Anna Pogorilaya won most of her awards with a serious spinal injury and gave advice on which training to prefer.

With a sore back, you can and should do sports, the main thing is to be careful and be aware that you are responsible for your health. Before engaging in any sport, you need to download the “muscle corset” of the back. For this, exercises such as the “bar”, “boat” for the back muscles and the “side bar” are well suited.

It is undesirable to deal with heavy weights, as well as carry heavy bags. When I went in for sports, I was even forbidden to run, since at this time there is an impact load on the spine. In such cases, I was saved by an ellipse – a simulator, which is a cross between a treadmill and an exercise bike on which cardio workouts are performed.

The most important thing after a back injury and when it is restored is your foot! Always start with the foot – with its warm-up, strengthening and pumping! A tennis ball is suitable for warming up the foot. Put your foot on it and roll the foot back and forth, pressing hard on it. To download the ankle and calf, you need a small podium, stand on it so that the heels hang down, and rise twenty times three times, this will strengthen your muscles of the foot and calves. The foot is your core, the well-being of your entire body will depend on your foot.

When your foot is overloaded, it will affect your entire body, including your back. When I was recovering my back with specialists, the first thing I did was to begin to retrain walking and taught me to unload and pump the ankle muscles.

But everything is very individual. I repeat, the main thing is not to despair, in case of back injuries you can and should do sports. The question is how to do this.

You need to watch how a person moves and what leads to these injuries. And then the optimal set of exercises for movement without pain and strengthening the back muscles is already selected. There are special clinics for this. There are not many of them in Moscow. They helped me recover and get rid of the pain in one of them as much as possible. I went there a little less than a year, twice a week.

You need to support and upload your back corset every day, otherwise everything will return to where you started. But how many times a day to repeat the exercises – this is not so important. You can do exercises for at least half an hour, and this will be very good support. But do not forget that muscles also need to be stretched, and lunges, folds and the “mountain” pose will help you in this. Performing it is quite simple. Stand straight, feet together. Body weight should be evenly distributed over the surface of the feet.

Take your shoulders back and down, open the chest. Tighten your abdominal muscles, push your hips forward (tighten your tailbone). Lower your arms to the sides, palms outward, or fold your palms in front of your chest. Stretch your neck, stretch your crown and the whole body up. Relax and keep your balance.

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