Food Addiction, How to Fight

Overeating and overweight affect people of all ages and professions. Moreover, there are more and more of them every year – the increase in the number of office workers with a sedentary lifestyle and the availability of food, especially fast food, are also affecting them.

Of course, many people begin to think that it would be nice to lose weight, and resort, as a rule, to one of three possible methods – plastic surgery, diet or sports. But sooner or later, as soon as the diet relaxes or the sport is abandoned, extra pounds are re-gained, and even faster than before.

The main thing is to learn to eat when you really need a meal

An integrated system, which I called “Dietetics”, has demonstrated its effectiveness.

The basis of dietetics is a change in eating habits, the transformation of the approach to organizing one’s nutrition. First of all, nutritionist teaches a person to eat when he really needs a meal. To do this, food gets rid of flavor enhancers and all kinds of additives that do not allow us to regulate our hunger.

An important condition for a balanced diet is eating healthy foods. No fast food with an abundance of fats and flavors, no chips, “chemical” sweets, sweet sparkling water – all these products not only provoke obesity, they are frankly harmful to human health.

At the same time, unlike many other methods of losing weight, nutritionist is not associated with the use of various pills, dietary supplements, surgical intervention, which can be dangerous to human health and even human life. Proper nutrition, in and of itself, without any interference with the body, can work miracles and turn yesterday’s fat man into a slender and beautiful person.

By the way, the effectiveness of “Dietetics” was checked by myself, its author. For seven months I lost 30 kilograms and instead of the old × 119 kilograms, I began to weigh 89 kilograms. The dietetics course begins with the study of the emotional component, the development of a nutritional culture. A person learns to eat properly, refusing to constantly eat food while watching movies, meeting friends, walking.

After one or two days, the person who is engaged in my system already knows how to distinguish hunger from the banal habit of overeating and learns to control itself, to refuse from eating and eating too much.

The first results begin to be observed only four days after the start of classes. Of course, talking about losing weight for such an insignificant period is premature, but the person’s well-being improves – the feeling of heaviness disappears, sleep normalizes, and self-esteem increases. After all, one of the main reasons for overeating is psychological. So, many people literally “seize” stress, try to calm down with food, but in reality they only make themselves worse, as they get fat, they start to feel bad.

We see that it is not so difficult to overcome food dependence. The main thing is to find the right path and follow it, trying to avoid extremes and harm to your health, but also not giving yourself concessions.

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