Products that should not be on the woman’s menu

These products must be completely excluded from your diet, because they cause great harm both to the digestive system and to health in general. The above products contain nutritional supplements (trans fats, dyes, sugar substitutes and other derivatives of the chemical industry) and salt.

Among other things, they are all very high-calorie and provoke weight gain.

The principles of healthy eating are not divided into male and female, Valery Barchenko explains. There is a whole list of products that harm the body, despite its gender.

These products include, first of all, fast food, any carbonated drinks, chips, crackers, mayonnaise, sausage in any of its manifestations, instant products.

Useful tips for readers here from Valeria Barchenko, a fitness bikini athlete

Eat right

There are a number of products that women should be wary of – remember that their excessive consumption is not beneficial. These are pickles, pickled products, alcohol, coffee, potatoes and carrots. Salt retains water and is the main cause of edema under the eyes in the morning. Moreover, if you want to lose weight, you must start by reducing salt intake, otherwise you will not succeed.

Alcohol, in principle, is caloric and provokes us to eat more than we need. It dehydrates the body, as it promotes the elimination of fluid, leads to dry skin, which in turn provokes the premature appearance of wrinkles and even rosacea, as vessels expand when alcohol is taken. For example, beer with salted fish is definitely the lot of men, because it’s difficult to come up with a more nutritious event. Without much harm to the figure, the fair sex can recommend a glass of dry red.

Dehydrates the body and excessive consumption of coffee. But this is not all the harm that this drink can cause. It should also be used by women with caution. Caffeine adversely affects the work of the cardiovascular system, and is also known for being able to flush calcium from the body.

This mineral is responsible for the condition of bone tissue. And during menopause, almost every woman experiences calcium problems. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce the use of coffee to 1 cup per day.

As for potatoes and carrots, they can be attributed to the most high-calorie vegetables that should not be abused if you are faced with the task of losing weight. Women after 45+, when monitoring their weight and controlling it becomes even more difficult, it is better to completely abandon these products.

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