Headache behind ear causes treatment

Reasons that cause pain behind ear can be a large number. It happens to many people, not all know what you need in this situation to do, and usually start wrong treatment.

If you don’t know what to do, and nothing to do with medicine, don’t try to take the situation under control, contact your doctor, only he will be able to more accurately establish the cause of pain and thus assign the correct treatment.

Usually pain behind the ear a person thinks that this apparatet, better known as the mumps, but the options can be many. So you should know what to do, not to make things worse, but if you are unsure of your abilities, don’t risk it.


Pain behind the ear, are characteristic symptoms of many diseases, it is impossible to tell exactly what gives pain.

The most common causes of headache behind ears:

  • Mumps;
  • Otitis;
  • Lymphadenitis;
  • Excess ear wax;
  • Caries;
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Neuralgia of ternary nerve;
  • Sinusitis;
  • Mastoiditis.

Here are the main reasons because of which a headache behind the ears. Some of them are not too dangerous, such as earwax, but even in this case, you can get serious complications over time.

Symptoms of diseases related to the ear

If time does not clean ears, ear wax can accumulate and gradually compacted. Due to this, formed tube, which will easily be able to remove a doctor, but if you feel pain when you press behind your ear, you better as soon as possible to seek help of a professional, otherwise it may deteriorate the hearing.

But the case of mumps was much more serious.

This disease causes:

  • inflammation of the parotid glands,
  • resulting in the body temperature rises to 39 degrees,
  • occur swelling behind the ear.

This is what is causing the pain. Pain often occur not only behind the ear but also in the neck, there may be pain during mouth opening. With this disease to be trifled with, need to be treated the sooner the better. In this disease the possible complications, the problems begin with the pancreas and genitals.

Otitis media is, simply put, inflammation of the ear. Can affect the inner, middle and outer ear. During his illness felt quite severe pain may be pus from the external ear, the treatment in this case is prescribed by a doctor.

To treat a must and urgent, otherwise you completely lose the ability to hear.

Remember, the auditory nerve and to this day not treated, and the reverse is absolutely not true. In case of problems related to the ear nerve can only support hearing, that’s why it is so important not to neglect the treatment of diseases of the ears.

Other diseases that cause pain

Pain behind ear can not only cause problems associated directly by the ear, and even tooth decay. Tooth decaythat has struck the tooth to the root, reaches the nerves, so pain can be felt much further than the teeth, in this case to refer not to the otolaryngologist, a dentist. If you treat the tooth, then all will be.

Low back pain contributes to the thinning of the cervical vertebra, causing a change in the vertebral cartilage, so the pain of the head behind the ear may be.

  • Protrude the discs, which causes compression of the nerve leads to inflammation.
  • To determine the disease can be due pohrustyvaniâ cervical vertebrae and a severe pain in those places.
  • Because the disease is often mistaken for any other, you need to undergo x-rays or scans that will accurately determine its presence or absence.

Lymphadenitis is an inflammation of the lymph nodes, which usually happens after an illness. This system serves as a kind of filter in the body, sucking in and destroying harmful microorganisms and substances.

In the case of inflammation should give it the importance, as we can say with high probability that the signal of the body about the presence in it of a serious outbreak of the disease.

In humans, many groups of lymph nodes, some of them are located in the back of the ear vein. During inflammation lymph nodes become palpable well as increase and become firmer. In this case, the pain is felt when pressing on the inflamed lymph node, maybe even pus flows from the ear.

Neuralgia of ternary nerve basically causes pain in the lower part of the face, but often causes pain behind the ear. The pain is strong enough it may be first felt in one place, it speaks of neuralgia of ternary nerve.

The disease may be incurable, so you need to go to the doctor, if you leave it to chance, you will not be able to avoid surgery.

An inflammation of the sinuses is Sinusitis. He, too, can contribute to headaches in the area behind the ear. The disease can cling with hypothermia or burns.

If there is inflammation of the mastoid process in the temporal region, it can rise the body temperature is above normal, there is weakness, there is intense discharge from the ear, also can cause pain behind the ear and reduced hearing. In the case of these symptoms be sure to seek help from a doctor.

The diseases are no less serious than an ear disease because they can cause serious consequences in the absence of proper treatment. If symptoms appear do not pull with the disease, it will save you your health and money.

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  1. Remember, the auditory nerve and to this day not treated, and the reverse is absolutely not true. In case of problems related to the ear nerve can only support hearing, that’s why it is so important not to neglect the treatment of diseases of the ears.

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