Health horoscope for every zodiac sign

The coming year will lead to an active lifestyle and a cure for chronic diseases. The whole next year, regardless of the time of the year, I recommend that all zodiac signs go in for sports. If you are physically not so active, then you can just regularly walk in the fresh air.

Thus, you will save yourself from headaches and malaise. The next year is energetically very active, so for those who are weather dependent, I recommend just learning how to alternate work and leisure, otherwise at the end of the year you will have to spend time in a sanatorium instead of a New Year’s feast. Nevertheless, a bright and rich in emotions awaits us for a year.

Hereditary witch and taron Saona tells what to do to feel great in the upcoming year of Earthen Pig


Excessive nervousness never brings to good. Calm down and ponder what you are doing. Your year will be happy, so save your strength. The second half of the year is dangerous for colds, but do not dress too warm. Just do not turn on the air conditioner at home at full power in the summer.


You can’t earn all the money, so put aside something for your vacation. If you do not rest this year, you run the risk of earning a bunch of nervous diseases. Do not abuse bold. This year you should bring your body back to normal. And in a healthy body a healthy mind. Water treatments are your everything. You can give yourself a rest and improve the water-alkaline balance of your body by consuming maximum water.


Your health is in your hands. If you like chocolate, then a bite a day will very well increase the work of the brain, and you will have more than enough activity. Do not forget about the resorts. If you decide to go on vacation, then the sea and the sun – that’s what you need. Try to dress seasonally to avoid possible respiratory illnesses. In summer, switch to fruits and vegetables, thereby reducing the risk of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.


Nothing is eternal under the Moon. Thanks to traditional medicine, cancers can get rid of many diseases. But grandmother’s methods, alas, are not for you. Do not experiment with herbs and tinctures – there is a risk of an upset bowel. Travel to sunny countries. Take water procedures, this will help you stay toned throughout the year. Wear yellow – this is a kind of therapy. Learn not to respond to unnecessary information, and your life will change dramatically.


Temper your ardor. You do everything like the last time. But do not become completely boring, it does not suit you. Pay attention to your clothes, nutrition, and relaxation. You do not need to do what you do not like through strength. Everything must be kept in balance so as not to get a nervous breakdown. If you want to go on vacation, then choose sparsely populated points and routes. Communication in life is enough for you.


The Year of the Pig is your year. You have everything thought out to the smallest detail. Rest alternates with work, and not vice versa. This is good. The main thing is to drink vitamins in the rainy and cold season, it has not harmed anyone. A good mood should accompany you all year. Your color is blue, look more at the blue sky and let your eyes rest. Eat a variety of dishes and don’t be afraid to overeat. Everything with your weight is excellent.


I advise you to take care of yourself, and not others. Remove from life unnecessary and negative people. Start doing your health. Year is the best suited for debriefing and analysis of situations. Do not self-medicate. Try meditation in nature. You will really like it.


Learn to control your emotions. Unnecessary clarifications do not need you. Beware of all this so as not to get problems with vegetative-vascular diseases. Since you will work actively all year, plan your vacation in advance. Your route is the middle lane of our country. Find a suitable resort and do maintenance. If you like meat, try switching to fish. Your color is red. Many problems you will be solved this year, but take everything calmly, without emotions. What cannot be avoided.


Put things in order in the house and in the head, otherwise you will need a therapist. I do not recommend also going to extreme sports, or even a traumatologist will be your companion. Respond to rudeness with a smile, and respond to evil comments with a joke. Diseases will go away this year by themselves, just stop getting nervous. Do not jam your problems, it is better to drink them with water.


Going to the theater and cinema, exhibitions will enrich your inner world and slightly switch you from your problems. Feeling a surge of energy, you yourself will charge your body. I also recommend swimming or skiing in the winter. And remember childhood, and breathe in the air. If you have not visited doctors for a long time, go through everyone and listen to what needs to be corrected. A snack is not your way to get enough. Watch for proper nutrition. Try to walk more, thereby saving yourself from diseases of the musculoskeletal system.


There will be no health problems if you follow him. Do not abuse alcohol. Chat with positive people. A state of happiness and love will be the best medicine for you. All the problems are due to nerves, so just stop wrapping yourself up. There is a risk of respiratory diseases, try to drink immune preparations in the fall, so as not to catch a runny nose. Your color is blue. It will calm and attract positive energy into your life. Variety of food is very useful for you. You constantly eat the same favorite dishes. Switch to something new, and life may sparkle with bright colors.


Swim wherever you want. This is your time. Negative aside – and towards new emotions. Indulge yourself with sports and massage. Spend time with friends in nature. Your well-being will be great, and your life will be amazing. Try to go on vacation in the mountains. There you will rest with your soul, mind and body. And when you return, you may receive an interesting job offer.

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