Causes of stretch marks on the body

Stretch marks on the body (or in other words – striae ). They occur when the skin tears. First, the color of the stretch marks is red, but then they turn white. A typical place for the appearance of stretch marks is the chest and hips.

Skin structure: how stretch marks appear

The surface layer of the skin is called the epidermis. Below it is the dermis. Under the dermis is located subcutaneous fat. The skin does not always cope with the amount of damage. And then there is a scar consisting of connective tissue. Connective tissue has no sensitivity, like skin.

Causes of stretch marks on the body

If you want your skin to always remain beautiful and smooth, avoid:

  • sudden jumps in weight – do not exhaust yourself with diets, let the weight fall smoothly;
  • malnutrition – a lack of protein can lead to a change in connective tissue: the skin becomes thin and tears like tissue paper;
  • insufficient fluid intake – the dermis loses elasticity due to lack of moisture;
  • unreasonable intake of hormones.
How to get rid of stretch marks?

Striae should be warned as early as adolescence, when there is a sharp jump in height and weight. If they already appear, then it is impossible to completely get rid of them, you can only smooth the scar a little.

Contact a beauty salon. There they will do chemical peeling. It causes a controlled skin burn, accelerating tissue regeneration. Also, a cosmetologist can offer masks with algae. They increase skin elasticity.

According to Yulia Shcherbatova, a dermatocosmetologist and chief physician of the “Clinic of Modern Cosmetology Yulia Shcherbatova”, scars cannot be turned into ordinary skin. You can try the latest method – mesotherapy. It stimulates collagen synthesis. If you are too sensitive to pain, ask the beautician to use local anesthesia.

You can use a laser. He polishes the skin, it becomes even and smooth, the color of striae merges with the rest of the skin. The laser will destroy the upper layer of the skin, so for some time it will be red. After the procedure, you can not sunbathe.

A good method in the fight against stretch marks is fractional thermolysis. The procedure is a thermal effect on the epidermis, while some cells die, and new ones form faster.

Plasma lifting can help in the fight against striae – a procedure in which your own blood plasma is injected under the skin. A plasma lifting session takes about 15 minutes. To achieve the effect, about 5 sessions are required. The procedure is safe and completely painless, but is contraindicated during pregnancy.

Of the very pleasant treatments, coffee and chocolate wraps can be recommended. Before starting any procedure, it is very important to thoroughly clean the skin so that the active ingredients easily penetrate into its deep layers.

We offer you to try home care. Vitamins, antioxidants nourish the skin and smooth it. Creams mask well stretch marks in conjunction with procedures in a beauty salon. Once a week do home peeling with scrubs. So you will improve cellular metabolism.

Folk remedies for stretch marks

Essential oils are good for stretch marks:

  • almond;
  • rosemary.

They are very easy to find in any pharmacy. With the help of essential oils you can deal with new, recently appeared striae, but with long-term stretch marks – contact a cosmetologist. Try the remedy with aloe. Mix ½ cup aloe juice and olive oil, 5 drops of vitamin A, 10 drops of vitamin E. It is necessary that the oils are warm, so warm them a little before use. Apply twice daily. Blot the remainder with a napkin. Scrub with mummy. Mix 1 tbsp. warm water and dissolve 1 g of mummy, then add 80 g of baby cream.

Prevention of striae during pregnancy

Striae do not hurt, but can cause shame. During pregnancy, the hormonal background changes. Hormones affect the elasticity of the skin. Do not forget to moisturize the skin, thereby increasing its elasticity. Look for creams with hyaluronic acid, olive oil and grape seed oil.

The likelihood of stretch marks increases if during pregnancy you suddenly gain 15-20 kg. So watch your weight. Your gynecologist will tell you how to eat right. Do not forget about the role of genetics: the individual structure of the skin is inherited. There is nothing you can do about it. If you have dry skin – the likelihood of striae is higher. Age also matters: in late pregnancy, stretch marks occur more often.

During pregnancy, hormones will somehow inhibit the production of collagen. This is natural, so you can influence the course of events only with high-quality (but not excessive) nutrition with a lot of protein. Meat is mandatory, so it is advisable for vegetarians to reconsider their diet during pregnancy. Also pay attention to the benefits of massage – it will increase blood flow. Wear a bandage to support your abdomen.

You can take vitamins A, C, and E as prescribed by your doctor. But do not prescribe anything yourself; hypervitaminosis is just as undesirable as vitamin deficiency. We recommend swimming and special yoga for pregnant women. Moderate physical activity helps maintain skin elasticity.

Stretch marks occur in 75% of pregnant women. Moreover, more than half of men have striae! Basically, in a strong half of humanity, they appear with endocrine disorders and the fight against excess weight. If the striae are not particularly noticeable, the best way is to stop being frustrated. They do not carry any danger. You will be loved as before, with or without stretch marks. And even more so, do not refuse because of the fear of the appearance of striae from breastfeeding. Just wear special supportive underwear after delivery.

Stretch Exercises

We recommend downloading the press daily for 10-15 minutes if stretch marks appear on the stomach. Another exercise: Lift your legs one at a time from a prone position as high as you can. For each leg, repeat the exercises 10 times. The exercises “scissors” and “bicycle”, “birch” will greatly benefit.

When are stretch marks a sign of illness?

Stretch marks appear with hypercorticism. This is an endocrine disorder in which cortisol is produced in excess. Normally, this hormone has an immunomodulatory and anti-stress effect. But sometimes neoplasms in the adrenal glands can lead to a real explosion in the body. It may even take surgery to remove the adrenal gland tumor. What should I look for? If after taking glucocorticosteroids you have fat deposits on your stomach and hips, weight increases and stretch marks appear, consult a doctor. Very rarely, endocrine gland tumors can be congenital.

Stretch marks can be a sign of impaired production of sex hormones. The gynecologist is engaged in normalization. It is precisely because of the incorrect ratio of estrogen, progesterone, and increased testosterone that stretch marks can be observed in teenage girls. Be sure to monitor the state of the thyroid gland. Submitting tests every 1-1.5 years, as well as an ultrasound scan, is enough to be sure of her health.

General recommendations for the prevention and control of striae

What can I advise in the end:

  1. Provide skin care, lead an active lifestyle, and then there is a chance that stretch marks will never occur. In all respects it is important to observe the measure, and your body will thank you. Do not forget that excess physical activity is as harmful to the skin as insufficient exercise.
  2. Pay attention to nutrition: the menu should contain not only meat, but also fish. We recommend eating oats daily. In winter, you can replace summer stone fruits with pear and dried apricots, prunes. Even in winter, do not deprive yourself of greens and fruits, mushrooms, seaweed, grapes and carrots. In summer, make salads from bell pepper, cucumbers and tomatoes.
  3. Refuse fast food, pastries, fried meat and potatoes, sweet carbonated drinks.
  4. Instead of black tea, drink herbal: with linden, chamomile, mint, green tea.
  5. Love nuts, especially almonds, pistachios, cashews, walnuts.
  6. Accustom yourself to a morning contrast shower and self-massage with a terry towel.

Because of stretch marks, you do not need to be upset and complex, just wage a feasible struggle with them. The choice of method depends on the age of stretch marks and your financial capabilities. White stretch marks can only be removed with a laser in a clinic setting. For fresh striae, folk remedies are suitable: some masks and creams can be done at home on their own.

Surgery for stretch marks: difficult, risky, only with direct indications

Abdominoplasty is a last resort. This is an invasive surgery to restore the anterior abdominal wall performed by a plastic surgeon. And it may be needed by a very small percentage of women, for example, after a multiple pregnancy. It is extremely important here, if you decide on this measure, choose the right clinic and specialist.

The doctor will do it only if there are other indications:

  • discrepancies in the rectus abdominis muscles;
  • noticeable scars after surgery;
  • excess subcutaneous fat.

The operation lasts 1-4 hours. Only general anesthesia is used. The scar after the operation is located above the pubis and, with due professionalism of the surgeon, it is not striking.

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