How to build a sleep mode

A person needs to get enough sleep to maintain working capacity for a long time. Otherwise, memory starts to fail, and the concentration deteriorates significantly.

Due to the frantic pace of life, an adult has less time to sleep. And no wonder: during the day a person needs to do a huge amount of work, so you have to make concessions and sacrifice something. Most people sacrifice sleep.

Chronic tired can seriously damage your health. here it takes care of you, so it will give some tips for quality sleep

Did you know that the older we get, the less time we need to sleep ?

Here is the approximate number of hours needed for a good rest of the body:

  • Newborn babies: 15 hours.
  • Infants: 13 hours.
  • Children 1-2 years: 12 hours.
  • Children 4 years: 11 hours.
  • Junior schoolchildren: 10 hours.
  • Teenagers: 10 hours.
  • Boys and girls 20-22 years: 7-8 hours.
  • Adults: 7 hours.
  • Seniors 65+: 7 hours.

If you do not get enough sleep, the following happens to you:

You begin to get sick, as the immune system malfunctions, and the body ceases to cope with viruses.

You have to strain, solving logical problems, the reaction slows down, which is doubly dangerous if you are a car owner.

Active weight gain begins.

The skin condition worsens, early wrinkles appear.

The libido is weakening.

Important things are poorly remembered, the brain slows down.

What to do?

It would seem that the answer lies on the surface – to sleep as much as possible. The world will not collapse if you do not watch the last episode of your favorite series, just postpone it until another day. You will see that it will become much easier to work, you will finish the project at work much faster.

However, you can’t just take it and go to bed early. The body is not yet ready for such a sharp change of regimes, so proceed gradually: if before that you went to bed at three nights, you will hardly be able to fall asleep at ten in the evening. Start shifting your bedtime to at least an hour to make it easier for your body to adapt.

It is important to be more in the fresh air. Before going to bed, you can develop the habit of walking for half an hour near the house. When preparing for bed, ventilate the room for about 15 minutes.

Add more activity to your life. We sleep best when we are physically exhausted, so evening fitness is the best suited as a natural sleeping pill.

Be less nervous. Remember that disputes are always badly reflected in the psyche. Also, do not watch television at night where they broadcast the negative. If you want to relax in front of the screen, it’s better to turn on your favorite movie.

In the evenings, try to relax more. Take a bath with aromatic oils, read a book that everyone still could not pick up. Devote time to yourself.

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