Glycine or Glycine Forte, drug choice

Both drugs have almost no side effects, but in any case, precautions are needed. It is not prohibited to take two drugs together, an overdose is possible from an excess of substances. If a person takes an additional complex of vitamins, it is not recommended to take “forte” so as not to get hypervitaminosis. In this case, it is necessary to abandon one of the types of vitamins used.

Glycine is recommended to be taken only as prescribed by the doctor, an excess of the substance provokes drowsiness. Choose your medicines carefully!

“Glycine” – how much in this word! Each person in his daily life heard this name of the drug. He could be recommended by doctors at a clinic reception, or by acquaintances or friends.

“Glycine” is ready to help from any ailment, be it memory disorders, neurosis and other anxieties. The list goes on and on. Let’s try to figure out what kind of “magic” pill, which in its actions resembles the famous “Kremlin pill”, known after the collapse of the USSR, capable of curing any disease.

A huge role is played by the manufacturer of Glycine. The drug is produced by various pharmaceutical companies, Biotiki, Evalar and others. Let’s try to figure out two of them.


The medicine is sweetish in taste, so children take it with pleasure. It is not washed down with water. Eating does not reduce the effectiveness of glycine.


Chemical composition:

  • Amino acid – 100 mg.
  • E461 water-soluble (methyl cellulose) – 1 mg.
  • E572 (magnesium stearate) – 1 mg.


  • Stress.
  • Deviant forms of behavior.
  • Sleep disturbance.
  • Psycho-emotional stress.
  • Excitability.
  • Decreased mental performance.
  • Traumatic brain injury.
  • Alcohol addiction.
  • Heart disease (ischemic stroke).

It is used sublingually at 100 mg. Adults and children, 1 piece 2-3 times a day. The period from two weeks to a month. To any of the components there is intolerance.

Glycine Forte

“Evalar” produces Glycine with an additional mark “forte”, meaning a reinforced composition. Unlike a regular medication, you can just keep it in your mouth for a long time.

Glycine Forte

Chemical composition:

  • Amino acid – 300 mg.
  • Vitamins B1, B6, B12.

Glycine Forte tablets taken twice:

  1. Improves emotional mood.
  2. Maintains performance.
  3. Helps in stressful situations.

Adults 2 times a day, 1 tablet until complete resorption. Reception lasts up to 1 month.

Contraindications: pregnancy, breast-feeding, intolerance to any of the components.

According to the instructions, “Glycine” is a drug that has a nootropic effect. “Glycine Forte” is a dietary supplement, which, in addition to amino acetic acid exceeding three times the usual drug, contains a complex of essential vitamins, which means it has a triple effect on the body.

Also, an important factor is the price. Ordinary Glycine is at times inferior to its competitor, whose price is higher due to the usefulness of additional components in its composition.

  • Vitamin B1 is an important role in the metabolism of the body. Protects cells from toxic effects.
  • Vitamin B6 – May help the body absorb proteins and fats. Soothes nerves and skin disorders. Acts as a diuretic.
  • Vitamin B12 – Benefit in the development of red blood cells. Prevents Anemia. In childhood, promotes growth, improves appetite. The nervous system is in a healthy state. Focuses memory, and improves attention. Reduces irritability, increasing energy.

The only similarity of drugs is the manufacturer, the country of Russia. Glycine successfully copes with its tasks.

Who needs and can take Glycine

If a person leads a healthy lifestyle, does not starve himself into a diet or vegetarian lifestyle, regularly eats eggs, meat and fish, drinks milk – there should be no need for an additional intake of amino acids. In other cases, it is recommended to take additional doses of the drug.

Suitable for both adults and children. On pregnant women, studies of the effect of glycine have not been conducted, therefore, it is better to coordinate the use with the attending doctor.

If glycine is needed for a nursing baby, then the drug is prescribed for the mother, if the baby is breast-fed. Thus, the amino acid enters the body.

The vagaries of children will calm. Instead of screaming, they will take up more relaxed games – they will paint, play with the constructor and more.

If the pressure rises somewhat, the influence of a change of weather, or a stressful situation is possible – the drug will help, a soothing effect (nootropic effect) is achieved.

Expecting intense intellectual work or traveling on a train, where sleeping is not very comfortable and calm? Under the influence of glycine, sleep is very strong, the snoring of neighbors and other sounds causing discomfort do not bother.

When refusing alcohol reduces stress syndrome. During menopause, it reduces the symptoms of the disorder. Glycine can prevent attacks of epilepsy.

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