You’re not too young to consider your heart and brain health

Data released last year found that more middle-aged Americans were dying of heart disease and strokes as progress in the fight against cardiovascular disease slowed.

Most people are likely to associate heart disease and strokes with the older population.

And a review of mortality statistics by the Wall Street Journal found that “death rates from cardiovascular disease among people between the ages of 45 and 64 are rising in cities all across the country.” In essence, even cities with reputations for being healthy saw an increase in heart problems.

“In some cases, these conditions are hereditary,” explains Dr. Jodi Zilinski, an electrophysiologist at Aurora Medical Center in Oshkosh, Wis. “But for most patients, there are things you can do to avoid becoming a victim to heart disease and stroke.”

Dr. Zilinski suggests the following to decrease your risk:

  • Have your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked regularly, regardless of age
  • Eliminate smoking
  • Eat a clean diet, free of junk food, and limit your salt intake
  • Try to lose excess weight
  • Exercise regularly

In the meantime, if you have concerns about your heart health, call a doctor.

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