Pain head and neck pain causes treatment

When a headache in the neck and nape, the doctors suspected disorders of the nervous system or problems with blood vessels. Taking into account the cause of disease can be constant or occur periodically in different forms.

In some situations, a pain in the neck and head is removed with the help of painkillers.

When symptoms are manifested regularly, you need to contact the experts to determine the causes and development of suitable treatment procedures.


The aging and destruction of tissues of a vertebrae and a discs start to age and change shape. If you have problems with the blood supply of the head, the brain receives too little oxygen, the neurons begin to disintegrate.


Chronic disorders are characterized by pain located in the neck and nape. In the morning, hypotensive occur arching in pain, transferring to the cervical parts, dizzy, ears deteriorating visual function.

When the pressure is reduced, automatically slows down the tone of small arterioles, blood vessels and brain arteries. This leads to blood flow to the skull. The result is overcrowded vessels cause throbbing pain in the back.

Symptoms aggravated in the morning, by evening decreasing. This is due to the high physical activity of patients, reducing venous tone, improves blood circulation.

Symptoms exacerbated by such factors:

  • Horizontal placement of the body.
  • Tilted forward the body and head.
  • Stress the muscle tissues.

Regular psychological tension, stress, low mobility provoke increased attacks.


Pain and feeling of stiffness of the neck and occipital region are caused by pathological seals of the muscles in this area. Hypothermia contributes to the development of the disease, infection or inflammation, problems with the posture, change the position of the spine in old age.

Banashi different appealing visual properties and benefit for the body. This ingredient is widely used in Chinese medicine. Its constituent substances stabilize the pressure, eliminate the pain in the head.

The causes of the disease:

  • Regular stress and mental strain.
  • Regularly stress the muscle tissues, conditioned by professional activity of the patient, with regular exercising, or performing large amounts of sedentary work.
  • Disorders of the musculoskeletal system or the heart.
  • Injuries.
  • Hypothermia.

Palpation better than other methods to diagnose the disease, cervical palpable on the subject of muscular seals. The sizes of such nodules can be associated with the degree of neglect disorders. These trigger areas may differ in activity and latency, having severe pain that is transferred to other parts of the body. The first symptom of such disorders can be considered a pain in the neck and the head.

The compression of nervous tissue

Inflammation caused by colds, draughts, uncomfortable accommodations, or excessive physical exercise causes overexertion of the muscle tissues in the back of the head and neck. In the end, it is possible to observe paroxysmal shooting pains.

Spondylosis in the neck

The age factor is the main reason for the disease. Deformity of the cervical vertebrae occurs with age, cartilage gradually costeniuc formed growths. Movements of the head and neck become more difficult. In the area of the head and neck there is pain even at rest.

The cause of the disease may be osteochondrosis or spondylosis of the neck. Symptoms worse with movement, but does not come to rest. The result is problems with sleep.

Accompanying symptoms:

  • Low sensitivity in the affected area.
  • Hearing problems and visual function.
  • Inflammation in the joints and muscle tissues in the neck.
  • Numbness or cramps in hands and feet.
  • When bending a headache, there is a crunch.
  • Poor sleep because of the impossibility of making a comfortable position.
  • Strong pain symptoms when tilting head.
  • Cramps in the legs.

Often spondylosis diagnosed in the elderly. You should promptly see a doctor, not tightening it.

Spondylosis without medical procedures get far worse over time will bring pain and hardship. So first you need to see a specialist for MRI.

The results of the survey will determine an appropriate therapeutic method involving the following procedure:

  • Immobilization of the patient. To physical activity has not led to negative consequences, is assigned to bed rest.
  • Local anesthesia of the cervical, which are used analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants.
  • Gimnastika, massage treatments.
  • Physiotherapy.
Cervical migraine

Symptoms seen as a result of disorders of the spine, degenerative disc disease. Paroxysmal symptoms occur in the cervical and neck, spreads to the temporal divisions and the frontal lobes. The painful symptoms worsen after a slight pressure on the carotid artery. In most examples, the attacks are accompanied by symptoms peculiar to migraine.

Pain stress

Sometimes the pain in the neck and head emerging from the increased pressure, stressful situations, regular nervous tension, eliminates problems with the blood flow and the saturation of the neurons with oxygen. Ultimately, patients develop feelings of numbness and “goosebumps”. Having throbbing pain, dizzy.

After injury

When a patient is injured, can cause bruising. Occur aching feeling in the neck. Such injuries are the result of swelling of brain tissue. It may cause stagnation of the CSF fluid appears intracranial hypertension, problems with blood supply to the head and hypoxia. The results of his injuries continue to bother people constantly.

Often there is pain in the neck and nape, not caused by disease. The reason for the occurrence of the change becomes climate and weather conditions, poor position pillow for sleep, a long stay in a fixed position. In such situations, to relieve pain only helps to eliminate the root causes of its occurrence. If symptoms occur regularly, you need to see a specialist.

Diagnostic procedures

In the formation of pain in the back of the neck people are advised not to delay the doctor’s visit. Sometimes the cause of such symptoms can be a serious disease.

When neck pain is worse cause the patient difficulties, you need to promptly make an appointment to see the specialist who after a thorough examination can determine the disease of a particular system, guide to the right doctor. There is a list of diseases that are treated most rapidly by treatment with medication.

When the diagnosis of pain in the neck can participate these professionals:

  • The traumatologist.
  • Neurologist.
  • Infectious disease.
Exercise and massage

The neurologist treats the pain in the head and neck region. Not fond of self-treatment until until he was able to determine the diagnosis. By yourself will be able only to arrest the symptoms, but the probability of recurrence of the disorder remains.

To reduce inflammation in the neck will be able drugs such as ibuprofen and diclofenac. When sudden onset of need to get some fresh air or ventilate the room. You need to take a horizontal position and relax. In a stressful situation must calm down. The location of the pain you need to massage.

Therapists and physiotherapists eliminate the painful symptoms. Electrophoresis allows to stabilize the blood flow in the troubled muscles, allows you to harmful lactic acid. Massage of the cervical and spine allows you to release pain in the neck.

Physical therapy allows you to deal with osteochondrosis. The stretching and relaxation of the muscles in the neck reduce pain in the back.

To do this:

  • Sit on the seat with the back, but not rely on it.
  • You must head to clasp hands, press your thumbs on the jaw joints, and the rest in the back of the head.
  • You have to press on your head with your fingers, to bring her back a little.
  • In such a situation can be about 6 seconds, then you need to relax and lean back.
  • Exercises can be repeated several times.

Services chiropractors relax the muscles on the back. Pain in the cervical or neck will require the approval of a specialist for therapy. The doctor will prescribe the appropriate vitamins, warming gels, stimulating blood flow.

How to treat people’s ways?

You need to look at the main causes and treatment of many problems causing pain in the neck and occipital region. Traditional medicines have long been made to cope with such symptoms.

Here are the main:

  • Tea brewed from the herb oregano. If you consume the drink constantly, can reduce painful symptoms.
  • Compress of lovage should be applied to the affected area, pour kitcom. Mixture should be infused at room temperature, place the resulting kashits a sick place.
  • Mint can calm the Central nervous system, eliminate nausea.

Good sleep and good rest to relax the nervous system, eliminates tension from muscle tissues.

Recommendations doctors

As a preventive measure is necessary to increase the amount of omega-3 fatty acids. In many fatty fish, they contain in large quantity. When performing large amounts of sedentary work is often a headache in the neck and occipital region. This lifestyle requires proper rest, the need to periodically stretch your back, climb a few minutes often. You can’t neglect the physical therapy and moderate exercise.

To reduce the probability of attacks it is necessary to observe elementary rules:

  • Need to do gymnastics.
  • To drink vitamins.
  • To hold back, it is necessary to wear orthopedic belt or collar.
  • You need to get rid of Smoking.
  • Problems with posture, need to pass the therapeutic massage course.
  • You need to eat properly, to monitor the quality of used products.

When the neck hurts from the back side, the problem with medication is decided not always. In some situations it is necessary to revise the motor mode during sleep and change your pillow. At constant pain in the neck, crossing them on the shoulders or arms need to visit chiropractors, physical therapy.

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