Commandments of an Office Worker

Start work on yourself with the decision to walk at least 5 kilometers every day. While walking, try to unload the brain as much as possible. Do not even think about the important. Just watch the life around. Concentrate on funny and interesting moments, accidentally seen scenes. Thus, you let your psyche relax. And the muscles will get the proper tone. The load on the spine when walking is gentle, and walking is extremely useful for blood circulation and immunity.

Physiology and the nervous system are very interconnected. Stress leads to muscle tightness, migraines from a bad mood, and unspoken grievances that eat a person can turn into cancerous tumors. The scientific world is wary of such statements. And we, too, will not say anything other than the obvious: with a good mood it is easier to live, and we feel good. Conclusion? It is necessary to work on oneself and not to discourage, not in vain because it is considered one of the mortal sins.

To turn from an office plankton into an “office whale” you will have to forget about laziness and begin to follow the commandments of an office worker. Some of them are aimed at caring for the body, another part is designed to help stabilize the state of mind.

Keep an eye healthy

When sedentary work in front of a computer is most affected: eyes, wrists and spine. It is on their health that it is proposed to emphasize. Firstly, remember that the safe time at the computer is 5-6 hours per day. Since this is rarely achieved (office workers spend 8-10 hours a day at the monitor), you should interrupt at least every 40 minutes and give your eyes a rest. Best of all, the muscles of the eye relax when looking into the distance. Go to the window and see what happens there.

This will be a kind of “walk” for the eyes. It is also good to close your eyes, massage the eyelids with light circular movements, move your eyes up and down with your eyes closed and from side to side. Exercise will help preserve vision and prevent the appearance of myopia.

In second place is the spine.

It is clear that charging at the workplace is not always convenient. For starters, try to learn the proper fit at the table. This is not only useful, but also much more elegant than a curled figure littered on one side. Hands and feet should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees, and the permissible forward inclination of the spine is not more than 20 degrees. The wrists and elbows, also suffering from constant work with the computer (keyboard and mouse), will be saved if, while working, you will put your elbow on the table. Otherwise, pinched nerves may occur; sometimes it ends with an operation.

Realization of the correct position of the body will also help you to realize that it is the wrong landing that leads to cervical osteochondrosis (which is constant headaches), problems with the cardiovascular, respiratory and genitourinary systems. Moreover, due to circulatory disorders due to improper planting, even infertility can be earned.

Office Worker Exercises

The cervical spine will support self-massage, tilting and turning the head in a horizontal plane. Thoracic rotation is useful for shoulder rotation and exercises with hands locked in the lock. The arms extended forward with the lock hold in a stationary position for several seconds. If you are standing at the same time, make 10-15 turns with the body left and right (the pelvis remains motionless at the same time). Hands clasped by a lock behind their backs are raised and lowered as much as possible 10-15 times.

The best exercise for the hands is the rotation of the wrists and arms bent at the elbows. There is no way to take breaks and engage in work, sit at home in front of the TV. Then add the familiar “boat” to the list of obligatory daily exercises since childhood: lying on your stomach, raise your arms and legs outstretched, freeze for a minute, and then allow the body to relax as much as possible.

Prophylactic agents

To maintain immunity (and he suffers from constant stress almost in the first place), periodically arrange yourself a course of special therapy. Every day for a week, brew a cup of tea made from ginger, cloves, allspice, and black peppercorns. It’s good to add a circle of lemon and a spoonful of honey for taste.

This drink stimulates blood circulation, which leads to an increase in the number of cells of the immune system. Contraindications to use can be diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and hypertension.

Sleep will help to cope with stress.

In order to recharge positive all day, it is extremely important to start the morning correctly. And for this, you should have a good rest during the night. It is impossible to do this without a comfortable berth, so do not spare money on the purchase of an orthopedic mattress and the right pillow. The thickness of the pillow for sleeping on the side should be 5-7 cm under the neck and 2-4 cm under the head. For sleep on the back, a 3-5-cm cushion under the neck is best, and a 1-2 cm thickening under the head is enough. It’s better to sleep on your stomach completely without a pillow, unless you use a small flat pillow (2-3 cm) under your stomach, to unload the lower back.

Set a goal

So, you slept well, but you still do not want to get up, and even more so, go to work. It’s time to reconfigure. Try to treat work not as a daily duty, but as a way of obtaining positive emotions. Let it not now, so in the future, when with the money you earn, you can relax on the sea coast or buy a delicious evening dress and go to a restaurant with your loved one.

The right attitude is extremely important, because it is psychologists who consider violence against themselves to be one of the most potent stress factors. Set a goal for which you are working and concentrate on achieving it. So you turn the need into your own choice. Just don’t get too carried away, because workaholism is just an attempt to knock a wedge with a wedge and testifies, first of all, of self-doubt.

Celebrate your successful projects

A self-confident person, having coped with a particular job, feels satisfaction, not concern about whether he did everything right. Quite fast and high-quality completion of the task is enough, you should not constantly return to already completed cases, trying to improve the result. Instead of improving, there is a risk of being too smart. In addition, concern about the past will prevent you from adequately dealing with the future (which, incidentally, is relevant not only in work, but also in personal life).

Instead, make it a rule at the end of the month to write down five successfully completed projects in a notebook, and next to each of them, five of your personal qualities that helped you achieve the result. You can start with family affairs (probably it will be easier for you), and then go on to analyze professional victories. Say, the first on the list may be “a pillow embroidered for mom” (qualities: caring, perseverance, patience, artistic taste, desire for creativity).

Goodbye grievances

Another important point of office commandments will be the ability to forgive resentment and not accumulate anger. If someone at work is annoying, do not try to hide it behind a polite European smile. Of course, you should not rush at people with fists, but write out all your grievances on a piece of paper and then tear it to shreds – a completely effective method of dealing with an excess of negative emotions.

Yes, and in the notebook with achievements, you can take a place to fix positive life moments. As soon as you feel irritation, open a notebook and remember what good happened to you in a day. At first it will seem to you that nothing good has happened, but gradually the body will shift to the correct perception of life, the smile will become sincere, and insults to the world will cease to pester you.

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