Prevention of vessels – the best protection against stroke. Causes of stroke.

Sick today is very younger and, incidentally, very dangerous. Already not rare strokes in young people, who barely exceeded 30. But we all know that it is possible to prevent trouble of the cheap and accessible ways. The best defense against stroke is prevention of blood vessels!

But first you need to clearly know: why is the stroke? There are two types of stroke: ischemic and hemorrhagic. In order for the brain to function properly, it nourishes the arterial blood is enriched with oxygen. If blood vessels are damaged, what part of the brain is left without power and dies. Because of this, the man lost the function for which they were responsible this brain area. So gradually ischemic stroke. Hemorrhagic stroke occurs suddenly. For high blood pressure of the person blood vessels of the brain are damaged, and the resulting cavity fills with blood. The consequences of this are very serious and often irreversible.

The main cause of strokes is atherosclerosis of the vessels that supply blood to the brain. In atherosclerosis under the shell of the arteries plaques are deposited, and over time they are becoming more. On the inner walls of blood vessels formed clots and disrupt the free flow of blood. Blood vessels constrict, become flexible, their walls break down and can tear. The cause of the stroke can also become detached thrombus. Dangerous blood clots that occur with atrial fibrillation and diseased heart valves.

If you are in a risk group, that their vessels should be treated especially carefully. But there are factors that people can influence. First-the age. Stroke risk increases after 55 years of age and every 10 years doubles. Secondly, gender – men have strokes occur much more often than women. Thirdly, genetic predisposition. If a close relative had a stroke, and your blood vessels will likely have little lasting. But the presence of these factors does not mean that a stroke can not be avoided. Prevention of vessels – the best protection against stroke!

You need more careful to take care of a healthy lifestyle and to follow a few rules.

  1. Control of blood pressure.

After 40 years you must daily monitor their blood pressure and keep a diary of control. You need to maintain your blood pressure level of 140/90 or lower. How to do it? First, help herbal medicines, then, means that the doctor will prescribe. And take them regularly, not from time to time.

  1. Ultrasound of the blood vessels.

To know about their blood vessels all need to do it once a year ultrasound of the neck vessels that feed the brain, and electrocardiogram.

  1. Control of sugar.

It is especially important to control the blood sugar levels in those who are sick with diabetes. If you have diabetes high blood sugar contributes to the formation of fatty deposits on the inner walls of blood vessels. And when blockage of the arteries increases the risk of stroke.

  1. Control cholesterol.

High cholesterol opens a direct path to atherosclerosis. Therefore, when elevated cholesterol is necessary diet and medication. To determine the cholesterol level using test strips.

  1. Diet.

Just the diet prevents the development of atherosclerosis. You should limit animal fats (instead, they use only vegetable oil) and foods containing cholesterol (sausage, liver, canned fish, fatty cheeses, etc.). In daily menu should be a lot of protein, grains, vegetables, fruits. Vessels warn unsaturated fatty acids contained in marine fish.

  1. Sport.

For stroke prevention is extremely important exercise. They warn obesity, hypertension and blood clots. Even regular walking (per day 3000 steps) can be saved from inactivity. Therefore, sports is useful for all! The only thing to consider – in case of chronic diseases a physician must prescribe the nature of the loads and their intensity.

  1. Struggle with stress.

The role of a releaser can play a stress. With the constant release of adrenaline and the stress hormone is exhausted nervous system, increased heart rate and increased blood pressure, changes the structure of blood vessels, increasing blood clotting, thrombosis develops. It is clear that it is impossible to live without stress, but you can learn to minimize their consequences. If disturbed mental state will become protracted is the road to a stroke.

  1. The fight against obesity.

Most often high blood pressure is that have full of people. This is because such people your heart works harder to provide blood volume of the body. Of course vessels cannot cope with the stress, so increased blood pressure.

  1. Quitting Smoking.

Nicotine promotes vasoconstriction and progression of atherosclerosis. The risk of stroke in smokers is 50% higher than people Smoking. The greater the number of cigarettes smoked per day, the higher the risk of stroke.

So, these methods of prevention blood vessels and stroke is very important and shown not only to people who are at risk, but those who still have good health. Because the disease to warn easier to treat more difficult. It is better to start to protect yourself from a stroke before developing atherosclerosis.

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