High blood pressure – causes, what to do?

Have you ever had something that for no apparent reason nose started bleeding, but you felt good? The doctors say that bleeding from the nose is called high blood pressure (hypertension), what many do not realize because symptoms no. What causes increase pressure? Your way of life, would not in the future to increased pressure? What you need to do, so the pressure was normal?

What pressure do you have? To measure blood pressure is often used an inflatable cuff connected with a special device, which is applied to the upper arm. When measuring get two numbers, for example 120/80 millimeters of mercury.. the First number is the systolic pressure during the contraction of the heart muscle, the second number is the diastolic pressure during the relaxation of the heart muscle. If blood pressure is above 140/90, it is considered elevated.

Why the pressure increases? To make this easier to understand, here is an example: when watering the lawn if the hose clamp or Unscrew the harder the tap, the water pressure will increase. Similarly, the blood pressure: if blood volume increases or narrows the lumen of blood vessels, it increases. What are the causes of high blood pressure?

High blood pressure – causes, beyond our control:

The studies revealed that the risk of hypertension increases in those whose relatives suffer from high blood pressure. According to statistics high blood pressure is more common in identical twins than fraternal. According to one study, for high blood pressure responsible genes. This confirms that the hereditary factor plays a role in high blood pressure.

In addition, increases with age risk of high blood pressure, and among men of African descent it is particularly large.

High blood pressure – reasons that depend on us:

Food. Some people, especially diabetics, the elderly, and people of African descent have higher blood pressure when consuming large amounts of salt (sodium). Due to excess fat in the diet cholesterol is deposited on the inner walls of blood vessels – atherosclerosis (narrowing of blood vessels) and increased blood pressure. Also at risk are those whose weight is 30% above normal.

Smoking. While Smoking increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases: atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke.

Spirits. Scientific data show that excessive alcohol consumption contributes to high blood pressure.

Caffeine. It is believed that coffee, tea and Cola drinks negatively affect people with high blood pressure.

Stress. Various types of stress cause a rise in blood pressure.

A sedentary lifestyle. Lack of physical activity is developing high blood pressure.

High blood pressure – what to do:

Some mistakenly think that when you start to increase the pressure, then they will have to do something. But it is necessary in advance to think seriously and start to live a healthy lifestyle so that in the future your life was much better.

Some changes in lifestyle will help those who have high blood pressure and those who still wait.

  • To lose weight. Obesity recommended a balanced low-calorie diet and moderate exercise. But experts advise to avoid diets that a very short time help to lose weight.
  • To reduce salt intake. Salt it is recommended that not more than a teaspoon a day (6g). This means that when cooking, salt should be used in minimal quantities and not to add some salt while eating, and to reduce consumption of smoked, canned sausages, as they contain a lot of salt. When buying prepared foods, check the amount of salt on the packaging.
  • Eat foods rich in potassium. It is recommended to increase the consumption as it has antihypertensive properties. Therefore, a healthy diet should include foods that contain a lot of potassium and little sodium. These include: green vegetables, legumes, beets and carrots, tomatoes, melons, oranges and bananas.
  • To reduce the use of alcohol. When alcohol is important moderation. For men suffering from high blood pressure, the rate of alcohol a day not more than 30 ml for women with weight below the average – no more than 15 ml per day. (30 ml of alcohol correspond to 60 ml of strong alcohol, 240 ml of wine or 720 ml of beer).
  • Regularly do physical exercise. Lower blood pressure, promote regular exercise, which reduces the risk of developing hypertension. The beneficial influence as moderate aerobic exercise with walking, Cycling and swimming for 30-45 minutes 3 to 5 times a week.
  • To move on to a healthy lifestyle, you must quit Smoking, regularly checking the level of cholesterol in the blood, to consume calcium and magnesium in sufficient quantities, to avoid emotional and physical stress, with the disease of diabetes not to let it take its course.
  • Some medications can also contribute to increased pressure drops in the nose, antacids containing sodium, drugs used to reduce appetite, pain relievers and migraine medications that contain caffeine. Read the instructions carefully when taking medicines.

There is no doubt that a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and regular exercise help control blood pressure and prevent its increase. So you need a child to instill a healthy lifestyle. Watch your pressure!

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