10 Amazing Things You Did Not Know About The Taurus Girl!

A Taurus woman is considered to be an open book to many. But, these high-spirited women who love all things fine also have certain distinctive traits and characteristics that are not known to many.

We often end up labelling women born under the Taurus sign with copious things, ranging from downright aggressive to short-tempered. However, they are much more than just hotheads; you’ll find them being loyal to a fault!

Additionally, they don an avowedly unbreakable moral compass, and mind you, they aren’t the kind of women who are damsels in distress.

So, to give you a better understanding of the girls born under the bull sign, we have put down 10 hallmark characteristics that are special about them!

1. A Taurus Woman Is The Best Ally You Could Ever Have

If you’ve always wanted a friend saying these lines for you: “If you hurt her, I will break your bones,” then go find yourself a Taurus girl-BFF.

Because a Taurus woman is known to have your back if she loves and cares about you. You’d never feel your fight is a lone-fight with a Taurus best friend around.

2. Stubborn? Nah, It’s Her Being Extremely Determined

Well, a Taurus girl is extremely hearty. Once she has set her goals, she will heave a sigh of relief only when she has achieved them (perhaps, quite like Salman Khan).

She sticks to her decision, comes what may. But, oftentimes, this determination of hers is misjudged as her arrogance.

3. She Is Not A Damsel In Distress

A Taurus girl believes in swimming through the troubled waters, and never resorts to seeking sympathy or help from others.

She is a strong woman and that’s exactly how she wants the world to see her as. She puts on her game face and fights!

4. Independence Is Her First Love

She screams independence in all aspects of her life, and she wouldn’t trade it for anything.

She is self-reliant in all forms-physically, emotionally and financially. Additionally, she may end up making lemonade if life throws lemons at her, but she will never let go of her independence.

5. Her Guilty Pleasures Are Her Rewards And Awards

If her work deserves recognition, she makes sure she gets it.

Rewards and recognition are her indulgences; she will never feel guilty about giving in. She also makes sure that people around her are also acknowledged for their hard work. Fair enough, right?

6. She Keeps Secrets As Secrets

We mentioned earlier that Taurus women are loyal to a fault.

They will safeguard your secrets till eternity. If you have a Taurus girlfriend, you don’t have to think twice while sharing the number of your dark horses, they will never blow a whistle ever.

7. She Is On Fire When She Is Angry

We would not term it as anger issues as Taurus women are not born hot-headed. They don’t flare up easily; they do have a considerable level of patience. But, if you happen to constantly pinch them or irk them, they are bound to lose their cool.

And when that happens, trust us, it’s not a pleasant experience. There is one good thing too when it comes to their outbursts, they let it out and forget it. Carrying grudges or opinions isn’t their trait.

8. She Is Capable Of Sniffing Out Fakers

They are allergic to bullshit. They can easily figure out if a person is lying or not. Taurus women are known for being genuine souls. And they always make sure that they are surrounded by like-minded genuine souls too. If they find you to be fake, you are bound to be instantly shooed away.

9. She Is The Best Adviser

If you ever need a second opinion in life or just some damned good advice, just go talk your view out with a Taurus friend. They are blessed with a practical mind and their sense of reasoning is unquestionable. Taurus women listen patiently and calmly guide your confused mind in the right direction. Or let’s just say that they are a house full of common sense.

10. She Has Fine Taste

Whether you find Taurus women slacking on a couch at home, or leading a presentation at work; you can’t help but notice their elegant and classy attire. They are suckers for all things fine in life. They are always on the lookout for being their best everywhere. Powerful statements are what they stand for. Their spark ignites everyone around them; in short, Taurus women are the best people to have in your life.

Now you know why Taurus women are always admired, don’t you? Why don’t you read this article with your Taurus girl and let us know about her reaction to it in the comments below!

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