Vastu, how to equip a house according to the principles of yoga

One of the fundamental qualities of yoga is caring – caring for everything and for everyone around you. This also applies to housing. Yogis believe that the way you equip your house, how much energy and love you put into it, affects the circulation of energy in the room, and therefore in your body.

The yoga house is a real system. A system called Vastu.

Vastu is a yogic version of feng shui. This system has been used since ancient times to build temples and palaces. The most important thing in it is how architecture is combined with nature. Naturalness, which is hand in hand with progress.

In those days, building houses, people carefully monitored the observance of all the principles of Vastu, symmetry and direction relative to all sides of the world. Today Vastu, first of all about the “non-clutter” of his house, the ability to get rid of excess and bring in something that will improve your life qualitatively.

Let’s learn together how to “implement” this system in your home – so that harmony and health always reign in it. How to do it? Read our five rules.

Your home is your reflection.

The way you equip your home says a lot about yourself. Take a note and make this principle work for yourself: decorate the apartment, bring to it what you lack in your life: if you want more income – buy a high-quality bed or an expensive designer vase, you want to improve your health – an air purifier and many, many flowerpots will be by the way.

Leave free space.

Sometimes a new one cannot come into our life simply because there is no place for it. Therefore, do not litter your home – leave room for energy and change. The author of the book about happiness, Project Happiness, Gretchen Rubin even advises to deliberately leave several empty shelves in a closet or chest of drawers.

Sometimes what we keep for years is not worth it at all.

Do not be afraid to get rid of unnecessary people and unnecessary things. Remember the golden rule: if you have not used a thing for more than two years, then it is unlikely you will ever need it.

Give energy to enter your home.

To do this, work through the zones through which it “enters” it. Firstly, these are the doors and the entrance hall. There should not be unnecessary things. Take off the shoes that you don’t wear now and hide light windbreakers until spring. The second zone to be freed is the northeast corner. Identify it yourself in your apartment and take all the trash out of there.

Build a map of vastu.

This is very similar to dividing an apartment into zones according to the Feng Shui system. Detailed instructions can be seen here and even immediately get personalized recommendations by downloading an apartment map.

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