10 Simple Rules Women Should Follow After 25 To Stay Young And Beautiful Longer

Okay, now don’t go into panic mode! If you’ve just crossed 25, are about to become 25, or are already beyond 25, there are still things you can do to preserve your youthful beauty. We bring to you 10 golden rules that you must religiously abide by if you wish to stay beautiful for longer:

25 might seem like too young an age to bother with aging, but it’s really not. Studies show that your collagen production begins to decline once you’re over 25, which leads to the appearance of the first signs of aging (1)! 25 doesn’t seem too early now, does it?

1. Retain Your Youthfulness

We know you’re very alarmed at this point and are considering investing in anti-aging products, but stop right there. At this age, you don’t really need products to give your skin a healthy, youthful look. Your aim should rather be to keep your face fresh and tight rather than remove fine lines that don’t even exist yet! Hence, if you find a cosmetic that changes your skin, ditch it.

2. Hydrate Yourself Inside Out

Moisturizing is the name of the game! Of the must-have cosmetic products you need, a good moisturizer with hyaluronic acid comes at the top of the list. You should moisturize daily to prevent dryness as the latter can make you look older. However, external hydration is not enough and you have to ensure the same internally as well. That means drinking loads of water.

3. Don’t Touch Your Face

Touching your face too often can mar its beauty in the long run. You should avoid the contact of any external object with your skin as much as possible, save for a silk pillow. That means keeping your phone away from you when you talk, not sleeping on your tummy, and resting your face in your hands!

4. Stay Away From The Sun

Tanned legs might look uber sexy but try not to expose your skin to the harsh sun as much as possible. Sunrays are one of the biggest factors that contribute to skin aging as well as other severe skin problems. Hence, you should stay away from the sun. And even when you do step out, you should always have a high SPF sunscreen on.

5. Ditch The Wrong Habits

Once you’re self-dependent, you’re more likely to go out, eat unhealthy foods, and get drunk on a frequent basis. These habits, while they may earn you the favor of your friends, are damaging to your health and your skin! Greasy foods and alcohol can ruin your skin in the long run. You should aspire for healthier habits instead, such as sleeping and waking up early, eating healthy, etc.

6. Cleanse Your Skin Regularly

Pollution in the environment can cause premature aging. In order to rid your skin of the harmful effects of pollution, you should cleanse your skin regularly. Post-25, you should follow a thorough cleansing ritual that comprises of scrubbing, toning, and moisturizing. Ensure that the exfoliants and other products you use are skin-friendly and alcohol-free.

7. Only Use Quality Cosmetics

Makeup is something you have on your skin all day. If you use cosmetics with harsh chemicals in them, that’s bound to take a toll on your skin. Hence, after 25, when you can afford it, you should invest your money only in high quality products. Also ensure you keep your makeup tools clean at all times and don’t use products beyond their expiry date.

8. Smile More

The more your frown, the more likely you are to get visible wrinkles in the muscles you use to frown. Which means when you’re in your 50s, you’ll always look grumpy. To prevent that kind of expression from taking over your face, you should consciously smile more. Practice meditation to relax yourself so that you’re not stressed too often.

9. Take Care Of The Rest Of Your Body Too

It’s not just your face you should worry about when it comes to signs of aging. Signs of aging can also appear on your neck and hands. Hence, you should pay special attention to these areas and make them a vital part of your anti-aging beauty regimen.

10. Protect Your Hair

Premature greying is a real problem. And so are split ends, hair loss, and dry hair, which can make you look older. Hence, proper hair care is crucial to looking younger way beyond 25. To keep your tresses healthy, eat protein-rich foods, reduce the use of styling tools, and use egg-based hair masks once in 2 weeks.

After you turn 25, you should start taking care of yourself more seriously. Not only can you prevent aging that way but tons of other health problems too, thereby prolonging your youthfulness!

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