Intimate hygiene for men and women

Why is it important? In one of the scientific works, the object of study was women who use means for intimate hygiene and do not use them. The use of funds with the right pH positively affected the microflora of the female genital organs: increased resistance to infections, less often irritation and dryness appeared.

At the same time, men who used ordinary soap for daily hygiene procedures had redness , their skin became dry and more vulnerable to infections.

Rule number 1: use a special tool or plain water

When choosing a means for intimate hygiene, it is desirable to know the indicators of the acid-base environment of the body. So, in the intimate zone in women and men in the vas deferens, this indicator is normally equal to 3.6–4.5 pH . At the same pH level, there must be a hygiene product.

If you doubt the quality of the product that you use daily during hygiene procedures, measure its acidity using a special litmus strip (you can buy it at a pharmacy). Is there no suitable remedy at hand? Then you can use plain water.

During hygiene procedures, women are advised to wash only the labia with a special gel, avoiding the vaginal area. If there is a need for deep hygiene, you can use only ordinary water.

Rule number 2: observe safety precautions

There is evidence that 53% of men and 59% of women do not know how to wash themselves properly. Brief instructions: this can only be done in the direction from the vagina or penis to the anus. The same rule applies to the use of toilet paper.

Why is it important? Bacteria from the mucous membranes of the genital organs are safe for the anus, but not vice versa. With the wrong washing technique, Escherichia coli enters the genitals from the anus, which can cause various diseases, in particular, inflammation of the bladder .

Despite the fact that in men the ingestion of Escherichia coli in the genital area is less frequent due to anatomical features (their urethra is longer and bacteria rarely manage to reach the bladder through it and cause an inflammatory process), the rules of intimate hygiene are considered the same for everyone.

Rule number 3: wear quality underwear

Men’s underwear should not be too tight. Men who prefer a free fit of underwear have a higher sperm concentration , which means they are more healthy reproductive. These men have higher levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (follitropin, or FSH). It is produced by the pituitary gland and is necessary to trigger spermatogenesis (the process of development of male germ cells).

Women, if they do not have any gynecological and urological diseases, in particular recurrent thrush and cystitis, can wear any underwear. It is important to choose the right size: too tight underwear can interfere with the lymphatic system .

For everyone who suffers from periodic candidiasis and some other gynecological diseases, the rules for choosing underwear are as follows: the underwear should be comfortable, made from natural “breathing” fabrics (cotton or silk) that absorb moisture well.

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