Depression after vacation

How not to fall into an annual depression after a long enjoyment of the warm sea?

After several weeks of rest from working days and around the clock lying on the beach, sooner or later we have to return home, where we are again waiting for business. It happens that a person is also covered by a pre-launch wave of excitement, which makes it difficult to concentrate, but joyful anticipation can not be compared with the negative that you encounter when you return home from rest.

Leave yourself a couple more days.

Problems begin when you return the day before going to work. Naturally, the body does not understand what is happening and why it was pulled out of the heat into a cold city. Give yourself time to “swing”, come at least a day before going to work in order to have time to gently “enter” into the usual rhythm.

Do not plan anything big when you return, just get things done and do important housework that has been put off for a long time.

Don’t keep everything in yourself

If you are simply bursting, you cannot help but tell a stranger in the elevator about your vacation, take it and tell it. But it is advisable to familiar people: show a photo, share your impressions of the tour, which has sunk into your soul.

Another good way to extend your pleasant sensations is to start a blog or a page on social networks: this way you will not only resurrect events from vacation, but also attract an interesting audience with your posts.

Sport to the rescue

Who will refuse an extra portion after a pleasant day on the beach! We’re not talking about local cuisine, which often turns out to be not so low-calorie. If you, in principle, lead an active lifestyle, it will not be difficult for you to return to your usual rhythm, but more calm individuals should not neglect fitness – as you know, physical activity perfectly relieves any stress, and you will put your body in shape after vacation. Great option!

Start planning your new vacation.

Perhaps now is not the time for grandiose plans, but even on the way home you can start thinking about which country you would love to visit, say, in a year or even on New Year’s holidays. When our brain is busy processing pleasant information for it, it simply does not have time to accumulate negative things. The main thing, remember – this is not the last vacation in your life, there is still so much interesting ahead that it is not the time to get upset.

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