Food after the holidays

It is necessary to slightly change the nature of the diet – after plentiful overeating, alcohol is unsweetened to the body. He is trying to get rid of excess, which is reflected in well-being is not the best way.

Remember the importance of eating a healthy breakfast in the morning. For example, you can choose cereal with fruits and / or fried eggs for the first meal. 

But enzyme preparations are a waste of money. It is proven that they help only in cases of severe pancreatic insufficiency.

How to help yourself? Give up junk food for a while. We need one that will help get rid of toxins and excess weight.

After a hangover, it is very important to restore fluid deficiency. Most of the discomfort caused by him. Do not take a new dose of alcohol, enough ordinary water in large quantities. For 60 kg of weight you need to drink 2 liters of water.

Try not to eat at night. From the last meal to bedtime should take 2-3 hours. Otherwise insomnia is provided. Take a walk before bedtime and you won’t gain weight.

For the time after the holidays, do not eat anything fried, such food harms the liver, already tired of several servings of olivier in a row, chicken and alcohol.

Top 9 healthy foods after the holidays
  1. Kefir is your first mate. It will restore the intestines and reduce cravings for sweets, suppress the feeling of hunger. A healthy intestine is an important component of good, strong immunity.
  2. Buckwheat and oatmeal with a small amount of butter are sources of easily digestible protein.
  3. Broccoli is also a source of protein, as well as vitamin A. Recommended for weight loss as a side dish. Blanch it, and you will quickly pass any unpleasant sensations in the stomach and intestines.
  4. The apples perfectly help the intestines to clear themselves – winter champions in the content of nutrients. Most pectin and fibers are found in the peel. You just need to thoroughly wash the apples and take them at the market or at farms, and not in the supermarket where they are covered with wax.
  5. Rosehip and cranberries. Drinks from them will help a lot in the early days.
  6. Feijoa. Prepare an infusion of these fruits. These fruits of the evergreen tree of the myrtle family were brought to Europe from Brazil in the 19th century. The average iodine content in fruits is 2–4 mg per 1 kg; there is more vitamin C in these fruits than in citrus fruits and kiwi. Feijoa will be useful even for those who do not drink, but just over-eaten, thereby adding work to the intestines.
  7. What is also important is not to mix different types of protein, for example, meat and fish.
  8. Honey is your assistant. Start and end the day by eating 1 teaspoon of honey.
  9. Add dill and salads to dishes – they contain alkalis and will quickly remove heartburn. At least 30 g of greens should be eaten per day. And use vegetable oil as a dressing, rather than the usual mayonnaise.
Tip. Plan skiing or going to the gym for the first week after the holidays.

Sauerkraut helps to cope with the consequences of feasts. It has a lot of fiber, which, like a vacuum cleaner, collects all the excess.

Lose weight after the holidays

Using these products and abandoning fatty foods, you can lose 2-3 kg per week and quickly unload the body after the holidays. Especially if you add cardio, skiing, snowboarding, sledding with children, playing snowballs, playing with a dog – in general, any activity in the fresh air. In the cold, the complexion improves, but it is important not to forget about protecting the skin on such days.

For the entire recovery time (about 7 days), exclude simple carbohydrates from the diet, except for honey in a small amount. Sugar and jam are not recommended. Try adding lemon to tea to improve its taste, but give up sugar completely.

Take protein from lean meat, fish and poultry. Be sure to have vegetables on the table. The first is chicken broth, meatball soup. It’s good to cook steamed chicken cutlets. They will be very tender.

Gradually, over the course of a week, switch to a normal diet, but no frills, and then you will have a beautiful body without much effort by the summer. Or maybe you are already heading to some exotic sunny resort on the other side of the equator? Then there is an incentive not to overeat at the table. Think about the fact that the pleasure of eating too high-calorie foods and incompatible foods is very short-lived.

Refuse grilled chicken in favor of vegetable and fruit canapes and a small amount of champagne. It’s better not to disturb different drinks. Suppose you can put sparkling wine on the table for the New Year, and leave vodka and dry wines for Christmas and the Old New Year. Cocktails are very insidious, do not interfere with each other.

Excessive dry skin after the holidays  –  what to do to restore beauty?

Buy cleansing milk and cream. Avoid tonics and lotions with alcohol. Hot water is contraindicated. Wash yourself with warm water at a comfortable temperature. A cucumber mask, which needs to be applied to the face for 10 minutes, will restore moisture well.

Dry peeling with a special brush will improve blood circulation, remove dead cells. You can treat yourself to scrubs if you do not have rosacea on your face.

The fight against apathy and insomnia after the New Year holidays

If the overwhelming distemper has overtaken, a pleasant joint pastime with friends will help restore the body after the holidays. You can go to a bathhouse or a beauty salon, where a cosmetologist will take care of your skin’s health with the help of various cleansers, peels, masks.

The bath helps the pores to cleanse themselves. In a steamed state, the skin better accepts any beneficial substances, the effectiveness of cosmetics for care is enhanced. Through open pores, the skin quickly removes all excess substances and toxins. And vigor will return naturally, and swelling will go away. Can’t go to the bath? A good alternative is a bath with salt. If you want, you can use chamomile, mint, thyme.

Before going to work, communicate more with colleagues, go to the theater or cinema as a whole team. So gradually you get used to the fact that soon you will need to reappear in the office daily. But do not communicate on working topics, but try to discuss the latest news, gifts and favorite hobbies.

In the first week at the office, do the routine, try not to take on responsible tasks. Efficiency at this time is approximately 25% of normal, therefore errors are possible. Take care of cleaning up your workplace, computer, and home. This is very disciplining.

Colorful products will return the mood. Be sure to try a fruit plate of strawberries, oranges, pineapples. Nuts and chicken perfectly help to restore a good mood, increasing the level of the hormone serotonin in the blood and allows you to get rid of insomnia.

Try not to wear black, gray, brown, but bright. Winter is not a reason to refuse accessories, even in the office.

After work, take a warm shower, neither cold nor hot. After a shower, rub yourself well with a towel. This will make blood circulation and lymph drainage more active.

How to help the kidneys and pancreas after the holidays

Quite often after the New Year, urologists add work. For a very long time, kidney stones do not manifest themselves, but when they are actively working, a large amount of fluid enters the body, the stones move. Swelling appears. A good help for the kidneys is the rejection of salty and the intake of diuretic herbs (preferably after consulting a doctor, it is important to make sure that there are no stones). Avoid hypothermia, dress warmly, and take a thermos with you for long walks. For winter sports, buy thermal underwear – the lower back and kidneys will be warm.

Gastroenterologists recommend paying attention to the state of the pancreas after heavy feasts. If the pain gives in the back, bitterness is felt in the mouth, this may be a sign of acute pancreatitis, it is treated in a hospital. First aid – hunger and peace.

If the condition of the gastrointestinal tract is more or less tolerable, then just by adjusting the diet, you can restore digestion.

The liver will say “thank you” to those who love pumpkin and pumpkin seeds. You can make pumpkin porridge with rice, bake it, or make pumpkin soup for lunch. Pumpkin is on the menu of patients with chronic pancreatitis and cholecystitis. On holidays, they often forget to stick to a diet. Pumpkin, rice, oatmeal will help to recover.

If you want, you can start taking vitamins. This will help you restore immunity, which weakens under the influence of alcohol. B vitamins are important for restoring attention and concentration. After abundant feasts, the body lacks phosphorus and potassium. It is for this reason that in the morning after the New Year, the head does not work well, chills are felt. You can drink homemade bread kvass daily, where there are all of the listed substances. A dried fruit pattern will work as an alternative. Fruits, fish and spinach help the heart well. It can make itself felt after alcohol excesses by tingling or rhythm disturbance.

To feel good after the holidays, gradually switch to the usual diet and activity. New Year is a time of communication and joy, in your power to make it enjoyable. Caring for the body will return the body to its usual working rhythm, restore good mood and good health.

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