Trim mold on bread, fatal mistake

Today in shops and supermarkets you can buy bread for every taste. However, offers from various manufacturers do not always guarantee its quality. By purchasing low-quality bread, we risk harming our health. Among the most common “spoilage of bread” – mold, potato disease, Fusarium, chalk disease, age spots. If you come across one of these bread diseases, remember that such a product should not be eaten.

The main violations that we face daily are unsanitary conditions, improper storage conditions for products, non-compliance with temperature conditions, constant fraud of customers. To avoid troubles, consumers need to be very careful and be able to protect their rights. If you encounter any violation, immediately shoot it on your mobile phone, upload it to social networks or contact the “Rules of Survival” program.

The microbiologist Oksana Volskaya comments on the situation as follows:

“Mold is mushrooms, and bread is a very favorable environment for their reproduction. Some try to cut mold and eat bread! This is a fatal mistake! The mold body itself has a branched web structure that entangles all the bread and is completely invisible. In this case, we still risk eating dangerous mycotoxins. Spores can enter the body, cause severe allergic reactions and lead to damage to internal organs. ”

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to discern the symptoms of bread diseases in the store if the disease has not already manifested itself. Many diseases of bread can occur only on the day after baking. But, you can protect yourself when buying bread in the store by following a few simple tips.

How to choose the right bread:
  • Unpacked bread is considered fresh for 12 hours
  • The crust on freshly baked bread should be ruddy, but not burnt
  • Bread should shrink easily and quickly recover without cracks or dents.
  • If the crumb is not interspersed, homogeneous and porous, then the bread is fresh and prepared according to the standards
  • Keep bread from a natural cloth, paper bag or bread box
  • If the shelf life of bread is more than 48 hours, then it has preservatives

According to baker Igor Lavreshin, an expert at the Rules of Survival program, there are several rules that can help verify the quality of the loaf and black bread:

Firstly, the bread should be smooth, without cracks and tears. It should cut well and leave as few crumbs as possible on the table. If the picture is the opposite, too little water was added to the dough. Secondly, good bread should have the right color. For rye varieties – dark brown, wheat bread and bakery products must have a golden crust.

Noticed a whitish crust? The reason is obvious: either the manufacturer violated the deadline for preparing the dough, or there is some kind of error in the technology of its production. If the crust exfoliates, this is a clear sign that the bread was kneaded from the dough, which did not bake, and even the oven was very hot during baking.

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