Headache behind right ear causes treatment

Headache disturbs many people, because it can occur due to stress, fatigue, weather changes and even improper diet. All used to ignore and downplay the pills in order to continue to lead a normal lifestyle. It should be noted that sometimes the symptom indicates the presence of serious diseases.

If you have a headache behind ear on the right, then you should pay attention to the intensity and frequency of this symptom. When it appears, either continuously or persist even after taking the pills, you definitely need to think about the possible diseases.

Predisposing factors

When a headache behind the ears, do not immediately suspect the worst and look at his serious pathology. For a start, you should familiarize yourself with safe reasons that can cause unpleasant symptom. Often it occurs because of external factors that have nothing to do with the disease. Do not worry in case if the headache came once and it has a strong intensity.

The main reasons:

  1. Constant stress, physical and emotional stress. The person who leads an active lifestyle, it is difficult to avoid nervous situations. As a result, from stress the body severely tired, in particular the brain suffers. Sometimes it happens that the pain comes and goes, and you get to see the fly. In advanced cases there may be nausea, which is also able to talk about the nervous strain.
  2. A bad dream. The average person should sleep about 8 hours, it is important not only the quantity but also the quality. If a person is resting in a stuffy room, and constantly wakes up from the noise, then he often gets the opportunity to fully relax. As a result, it is not surprising the emergence of pain in the head, as in this case, it can be considered commonplace. Additionally, you may feel dizzy and unpleasant sensations in the eyes.
  3. Fast pace of life. Many people prefer to live actively and try to catch a lot. As a result, their bodies are exhausted and not even able to properly relax. Fatigue gradually accumulates, and eventually receive a headache behind the ears.
  4. Injury. Often there are situations when unpleasant symptom associated with TBI. You can get it in the fall, stroke or other adverse situations. It is extremely important to consult a doctor if there is pain in the head and ears. Because of the injury can be serious complications, can also exhibit other unpleasant symptoms, such as impaired consciousness, increased pulse, nausea and vomiting.

If a person has a headache behind the ear, left or right, he should definitely see a doctor. Of course, the symptom can trigger normal factors, the disappearance of which would disappear and discomfort in the cranial box. Thus it happens that the unpleasant symptoms do not pass, because they appear due to serious pathologies.


It’s quite logical that people question whether from the ear headache. A similar phenomenon often occurs when the inflammation of the ear. For this reason, if the organ of hearing affects the infection, then it can provoke cephalalgia. It should be understood that the discomfort they evoke because of significant intoxication.

Sometimes it happens that the pathology is the formation of an ulcer. In this situation, the pain mostly affects the ear, but can give and in the head. In this situation, the nature of the symptom is shooting, and the very unpleasant sensation of intense. May be such that the person will rise the body temperature, and will be observed weakness and irritability. When the ears are observed headache, definitely need to see a doctor, because in the absence of assistance can be a blood infection due to the break of the abscess.

In some people, the symptom is associated with the occurrence of osteochondrosis. You may notice not only that aching head and ears, and happening discomfort in the cervical region. However, if you turn your head, then it will be a significant crunch. For the most part unpleasant sensations are concentrated in his head, because there is a pathological focus. If the disease will progress, then it may be added nausea, intense dizziness, and deterioration of health.

Inflammation can cause pain in ear and temple. Thus the unpleasant symptoms are intense and eventually grow. This may occur, for example, in meningitis. Often the person is much, the body temperature rises, it becomes difficult to open the eyes and irritate external factors such as light and sounds. In such a situation it is important to call the doctor to the patient to provide timely assistance. In some situations there are negative effects up to brain swelling and death.

If a person has problems with blood vessels, then maybe behind the ears to be a headache. It often appears in the situation when there are pressure surges, as well as a sharp contraction or expansion of blood vessels. The pain usually is of a bursting character, it presses on the eyes and accompanied by nausea. A person can feel nervousness as well as a significant weakness. There is often a lack of appetite, accelerated heart rate and feel like not enough air.

When the patient has headache from the ear, one can suspect the occurrence of otitis media. Specific symptoms depend on how deep the inflammation is. Usually suffers from only one ear, but the inflammatory process may affect the second. In humans, increased body temperature, which causes intoxication. If you run this pathology, then the pain is greatly enhanced, is of a shooting character, and greatly reduces efficiency. The man himself may be in fever, it becomes difficult to eat or even sleep. Need to be treated after diagnosis from a specialist so that you know exactly what is happening with a specific patient.

Sometimes it happens that the pain appear because of trigeminal neuralgia. In this situation, the symptom can be described as stinging, shooting and radiating to different areas. Discomfort can occur a few minutes or persist for up to 2-3 days. Can hurt not only the ear, but in the temple, and lower jaw. As soon as the attack occurs, a person becomes difficult to move, because this provokes a significant increase in headaches. Many patients start to RUB the problem area, but even this does not bring relief.

One of the common causes of cervical myositis. It particularly affects those people who were in the draft, or shared sharp head movements. Pathology often occurs in the inflammatory process of the head or neck muscles. The disease cannot be considered a threat, but it brings a lot of discomfort. The pain stops as soon as the person goes into a state of rest. If the patient suddenly moves, then immediately experience severe pain. Additional symptoms in most cases do not exist, it might only be a slight increase in body temperature.

Treatment and prevention

Hard to say with certainty what to do when aching head and ears. Specific therapies will depend on what you have to deal with. Doctors often prescribe medicines that help against inflammation. You may also want to take a course of antibiotics or medicine against the virus. You may want to reduce high blood pressure, as well as using ointments to numb the pain.

Often people are prescribed sedatives, when there is emotional tension. Additionally you need to take vitamin complexes to strengthen the immune system. Analgesics are prescribed in case if a person cannot tolerate the pain. It is understood that these drugs only temporarily relieve the symptom. Most importantly, eliminate its causes, that the pain has not returned.

Not so important, ear ache on the left or right side, because the feeling in any case very unpleasant. It will be useful to take preventive measures in order to prevent the emergence of unpleasant feelings. First of all, you should try not to be in the draft in the cold season to wear the cap and to monitor the hygiene of the ears. If there is inflammation, you should immediately seek medical help.

People are highly recommended to conduct a healthy way of life, to not have to deal with unpleasant symptoms. Is to eat right, exercise and strengthen the body. In this case, significantly less likelihood of pain in the head and ears.

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  2. Most importantly, eliminate its causes, that the pain has not returned.

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