Pain right in the neck causes treatment

Headache in the right occipital can occur for various reasons, most often it appears because of fatigue, spikes in blood pressure and changes in weather conditions. In some cases, discomfort in the cranial box can indicate that the person had a disease.

The disease may be both safe and bearing the risk of their lives. For this reason, regular occipital pain should not ignore the symptom, be sure to take action and to find out the exact cause.

Characteristic symptoms

Some people not only a headache, but there are other disturbing symptoms. They are able to talk about the fact that there was any pathology in the body. If a person is faced with other signs, then it is important to remember them, and then tell the doctor. Even symptoms it is possible to assume, what exactly have to deal.

Pathological manifestations:

  1. The patient may be vomiting, he also had the vomiting is sometimes observed. Often the catharsis does not bring relief and the condition will only get worse.
  2. Observed noise in the head, often lays his ears, and dark eyes. Such manifestations are often attributed to vegetative-vascular dystonia.
  3. Numb limbs. This symptom is most frightening, because it can indicate serious pathologies such as heart attack or stroke.
  4. Dizziness and loss of balance.

In most cases, there is only one or two additional symptoms. When they appear, people should pay special attention to their condition. If the condition will worsen, you may need to call an ambulance.

As for the pain, it often has a different character. Can be as strong and radiating to the jaw and aching. Found a sharp and paroxysmal pain, which at times subsides. Often the symptom is amplified in cases where the person moves his head, or performs physical activity.

Definitely need to understand the causes of pain in the neck to the right. Sometimes it occurs once, and to blame external factors. The situation becomes worse if discomfort provoke diseases of internal organs. In this case, it will have to undergo a medical diagnosis in order to find information about existing pathology.

Safe reasons

Headache in many people is no cause of concern regardless of its location. It in most cases can be explained safe causes, directly, a wrong way of life or environment. Before you look at the disease, it is necessary to consider the usual triggers.

The main reasons:

  1. Lack of, or overabundance of sleep.
  2. The presence of mental disorders in humans.
  3. Strong emotional stress, frequent stress, nervous shock.
  4. A poor diet that lacks essential for human vitamins. Frequent abuse of diets.
  5. The presence of harmful habits such as Smoking and alcohol intake.

It is understood that if painful sensations are associated with the listed factors, then they can easily get rid of. It will have to revise your routine, and to balance the power. Definitely need to avoid stressful situations that did not provoke pain in the neck.

If these reasons do not apply to man, then we can suspect the presence of disease. Many of the easiest to cure in its early stages, yet the pathology is not running. Most importantly, if it hurts the back on the right side, you will need to visit a specialist and talk about your condition.


As already mentioned, in some cases, soreness in the right occipital can occur due to various pathologies. It’s hard enough to know exactly your diagnosis is, because to know only the symptoms is not enough. At home, we can only suggest what we have to deal. The exact answer will be able to learn only in the hospital, visiting specialist.

What diseases cause pain in the occipital part:

  1. Neuralgia. In this case, a sharp pain occurs on one side of the head, it provokes an inflammatory process occurring in the nerve. The reason for the pathology is often hypothermia, uncomfortable position during sleep or during long periods of remaining seated. Also to pathology results in a constant nervous strain.
  2. Hypertension. If a person suffers from regular high blood pressure then this condition can lead to disease. Often the pain was on the right side of the head.
  3. Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. The disease is characterized by a disturbance in blood flow, who suffers from deformation of cervical vertebrae and compression of spinal vessels. As a result, you may experience pain in the back of the head with a pulsating character. This often significantly increases blood pressure.
  4. Vertebral artery syndrome. If there is inflammation and compression of the arteries, which is the spine, then often there is pain in the head. Usually it affects only one side. All will depend on exactly where the affected artery.
  5. Migraine cervical region. With this disorder have to face many people. In this case, there is often pain on the right side, which is sharp and strong character. Attacks may appear with different frequency. Often the cause of migraine becomes an injury, hypertension of the arteries, and degenerative disc disease.
  6. Cervical myositis. The disease often is accompanied by unpleasant sensations, which appear only on one side of the head. They appear due to the inflammatory process in the cervical muscles. Similar to the flu occurs due to a long stay in the cold, drafts, and viral infections.
  7. Increased intracranial pressure. The unpleasant sensations often occur just in the morning, they can be distributed on the entire head or only on one side. In the second case, there is a narrowing of the channels of CSF that are to the right. As a result, brain fluid, which is an unpleasant pressure on the skull.
  8. Cervical mihalos. When it comes to pathological degeneration of the tissue of the muscles, which leads to a feeling of stiffness in the neck, as well as to the formation of seals in the neck. The discomfort remains even when the person is in a state of rest.

Of course, it is not recommended to self-medicate, if the right side hurts the head. Often the patient, focusing only on the symptoms of the disease might not put the diagnosis to himself. It is therefore necessary to consult a specialist in order not to get into a similar situation. Only about to consider what are the treatment options. While hard to say with certainty which methods will help a specific person.


To get rid of a headache, you will need to start from the causes of its occurrence. When she is provoked by external factors, will be enough to calm down and take a NAP. Helps some sleep, even an hour can pass the discomfort in the skull. There are those people who have the symptom goes away after a herbal tea or a relaxing bath. For each effective its own methods of dealing with the headache, just need to pick suitable options.

When dealing with pathology, not only of rest and folk remedies. For pain management need to take special medication, such as Nurofen, Nimesil or W. They have anti-inflammatory effect, so nezamenimym the case when there is inflammation.

In myositis and neuritis warming ointments, for example, Menovazin and Diklak Gel. They need to be applied to the problem area, and then to wait for the effect. Also helpful is therapeutic massage, it corrects the spine and also helps in the compression of blood vessels.

If elevated muscle tone, then you will need to take muscle relaxants, for example, Mydocalm or disabled. Nootropic drugs positively affect the Central nervous system and activate brain activity. Your doctor may prescribe Phenotropil or Piracetam.

It is quite difficult to say exactly which tools will be most effective for a particular person. It all depends on the situation and from individual to individual. It can be said that in the absence of pathology will progress. So do not delay the treatment process for later, or to expect that itself will take place.


In order to not have to deal with pain in the head, should be prevention. It will prevent any unpleasant symptom, or reduce its intensity. First of all, every person needs a sufficient amount of time to spend in sleep. On average, an adult needs to sleep about 8 hours.

If possible, you should avoid stressful situations, and to give up bad habits. Negatively on the health impact of alcohol abuse and Smoking. Do not ever eat fried and fatty foods, it can also lead to unpleasant sensations in the head. Is to play sports, but not to overwork himself, and then the headache will be less alarming.

Of course, one need not be supercooled in order to suffer from inflammatory processes in the neck. Also, you shouldn’t be in the draft if you don’t want to earn cervical myositis. People should reconsider their way of life, if you want to improve the state of health. In the presence of the diseases need to take care of their professional treatment.

Pain in the back right often says that in the body something went wrong. This symptom should not close their eyes, if you do not want to aggravate the situation. Timely measures to avoid serious complications.

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