How to eliminate headache after alcohol

Most people know that the morning after drinking a headache. To stop the symptom, used different drugs and recipes of traditional medicine. Below is information about what to do if headache after alcohol.


Doctors klassificeret causes of pain in the head into 2 types:

  1. Endogenous.
  2. Exogenous.

Endogenous factors are due to the peculiarities of development of the organism, preventing the normal breakdown and elimination of alcohol from the blood system. Under exogenous refers to factors in the external environment, the list of which includes properties of alcohol.

You can select several exogenous reasons:

  • Mixed use of several kinds of alcohol.
  • Drinking large amounts of alcohol.
  • The drinks are of poor quality.

List the endogenous factors:

  • The higher the HELL.
  • Problems with the liver. As a result, the breakdown products of alcohol are eliminated from the body.
  • Sleep problems.
  • Spasms of blood vessels, dehydration.

When a person is under the influence of alcohol, are hormones that worsen the painful symptoms. When alcohol leaves the blood system, uncomfortable sensations.

Headache after drinking alcohol appears for several reasons, therefore, to resolve this problem it is necessary to take measures.

What problems arise in the body?

Headache occurs in 80% of the population after consumption of alcohol. A small dose of alcohol-containing liquid becomes a cause of migraine.

Here are the main reasons:

  • Dehydration occurs when fluid in the body required for the leaching of damaged nerve cells.
  • The liver reacts negatively to toxic elements. All the resources of the body are sent for processing harmful chemicals, excretion of glucose slows down.
  • Intoxication after drinking alcohol starts its filtering by the liver, which gradually clogs.
  • Necrosis of neurons.
  • Problems with the metabolism, decrease the pain threshold, reduced sensitivity.
  • Spasm of blood vessels, inflammation, swelling.
  • Arrhythmia occurs because of alcohol.
  • The lack of sleep.

When the alcohol enters the bloodstream, the Central nervous system is excited. After that, increases the activity of speech and motor receptors. Gas exchange between the cells is disturbed when alcohol interacts with erythrocytes.

If there is insufficient oxygen, the neurons gradually die off, increased intracranial pressure due to fluid in the head, pain occur.

Lack of water in the body

When swallowed, the alcohol breaks up into components under the action of gastric juice, toxins. Harmful substances are circulated throughout the body along with the blood, contribute to its toxicity. This poisoning called hangover.

When you consider that water with alcohol poisoning helps to improve health, so it can prevent the formation of painful symptoms.

If we consider dry wine, 1 glass of this drink should be consumed 1 Cup water. For alcohol need stronger 2 times more clean fluid. So you need to stock up on water when you purchase large quantities of alcohol. Liquid allows you to get rid of withdrawal symptoms. The breakdown products of alcohol are eliminated in the urine much faster. Blood volume will increase significantly, it will affect the decrease in the concentration of toxic substances.

Plain water in the morning may be useless, clean fluid will only solve the problem of dehydration. Water will not be absorbed properly. Therefore, doctors suggest to increase the concentration of sodium in the body.

The lack of food

Sometimes the mind of people sick because they ate little. Most of the examples intoxicating beverages may be consumed in the evening and at night, is not accepted. Many try not to eat anything after 6 PM.

In times of famine the body is under stress, fat reserves are consumed slowly, a full complex of useful components in it anyway not.

The brain is not in control in this state. Therefore, a glass of wine can turn into a strong drink. To the body better cope with the effects of alcohol, he needs more energy. In this situation, you can count on backup resources, thanks to which in the morning doesn’t hurt headache.

How to eliminate headache after alcohol

To cope with the symptom successfully succeed after determining its causes. When choosing the right medicines you need to pay attention to their health. For dizziness changes in blood pressure.

Drugs that are used when severe symptoms are divided into the following subcategories:

  • Antispasmodics.
  • Medications that improve blood pressure.
  • The absorbents.
  • Auxiliary means.

Activated carbon refers to the absorbents. You need to use them in quantity of 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight. It favors the elimination of alcohol from the blood system.

Experts believe that the headache occurs due to spasm of blood vessels.

This condition is due to:

  • The lack of liquid.
  • The influence of alcohol.

Preparations for elimination of a spasm – But-shpa and Baralgin.

In as tools you can use Aspirin or Paracetamol. Drugs allow you to obtain an analgesic effect. It is wise to take these funds when headache after alcohol located in the occipital region.

When dizzy, you can use any drug that improves the rate of blood pressure. Citramon is considered the most secure. Papazol helps reduce blood pressure. To use drugs will be possible only after the consultation with an expert.

In order to remove the damaged nerve tissue dying due to lack of oxygen in the head, the body spends a lot of fluid, which is then excreted along with the urine. So there is dehydration, there is a change in the electrolytic balance. It is recommended to use preparations, stabilizing electrolyte balance: Panangin or Asparcam. Glycine will improve the functioning of the CNS.

What to do?

For the relief of symptoms doctors advise to take medications:

  • The chelators. Absorbs harmful minerals, eliminate them with secretions. Enterosgel helps or Sorbex.
  • Aspirin. Allows you to split the erythrocytes, in the result, the blood will not chuditsya. It is recommended to consume the pills an hour before drinking.
  • Cure hangover quickly reduce the impact of acetaldehyde causing hangover symptoms.
  • Drugs based on magnesium. Headache after eating a large amount of alcohol occurs because of the small amount of magnesium in the body. To restore the normal functioning of the body you can use Magnesol.
Traditional medicines

Here are the main:

  • Brine from cucumbers or cabbage. It has added a spoon of honey. This compound helps accelerate the splitting of the components due to the effects of fructose.
  • Willow bark to be chewed to be purchased at the pharmacy. Like aspirin in this product contains sillat.
  • The cooled compress is then applied to the forehead. You can massage the temples with ice cubes.
  • Fermented food, helps eliminate toxins from the digestive system.
  • Succinic acid promotes elimination of ethanol.
  • Activated charcoal 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight.
  • Mint tincture. The plant is filled with alcohol infused away from light sources. Then 25 drops of medication diluted in 200 ml of water and consumed in one gulp.
  • Vinegar mix with egg and salt. Components must be mixed and used.
  • Massaging the earlobes is done before redness.
  • Mineral water with lemon is consumed in large quantities.

How to prevent headache with a hangover?

To headache is not tormented, you need to prepare your body in advance:

  • Before meal it is necessary to use activated carbon.
  • It is not recommended to drink alcohol carbonated liquid.
  • After drinking you need to eat better, it is better to have butter, flour or savory dishes.
  • Do not consume alcohol without food.
  • It is not recommended to lower the degree.
  • When drunk a lot of alcohol, need to drink tea with lemon.

When a long meal as often as possible you need to smoke for intoxication accelerated.

How to choose the best hangover cure?

When alcohol withdrawal syndromes immune system is weakened, the use of potent drugs can provoke complicated side effects.

Internal organs weaken due to increased load, Analgin can hurt. This method of treatment over time, contributes to fatty liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis. If you can not use medicines, better use the traditional medicine.

Make potent antiseptics is not recommended when the patient has chronic pathology of internal organs and the endocrine system.

The drug Solpadein includes codeine, it belongs to the list of hard drugs, requires careful handling.

Non-steroidal drugs help to cope with a headache. But their use is fraught with health problems, toxic hepatitis.

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