Headache when tilted causes treatment

Headaches can occur for a variety of reasons such as cardiac, neurological and catarrhal nature. Quite often, episodes of pain and other unpleasant feelings come from a person when tilting the head down. The pain may vary in intensity, localization and flow in different areas of the head.

In addition to chronic causes, poor lifestyle, and the presence of certain zabalawi, there are many individual factors that can cause similar symptoms. That is why it is important to consult a specialist to find the cause of the problem and resolve it in an optimal way.

The main cause of the problem

Headache when tilted causes treatmentWhen tilting the head can ache due to the following reasons:

  • Insufficient consumption of vitamins and necessary microelements.
  • Constant stress and strain.
  • Overreliance on medications.
  • The use of alcohol, nicotine and drugs.
  • The lack of sleep.
  • Problems in the cardiovascular system.
  • A sedentary lifestyle.
  • The presence of chronic diseases.
  • Back problems, including improper posture.
  • The presence of colds and viral diseases.
  • Sinusitis.

Pain when tilting the head can have episodic or local character.

People also sometimes experience additional negative feelings, including:

  1. the increase in body temperature,
  2. noise in the ears
  3. loss of memory and attention,
  4. dizziness etc.

Given that these markers can indicate a variety of diseases, an accurate diagnosis must be made by a specialist.

The self is not only not solve the problem, but can adversely affect the human health.

Typology and characteristics of

Manifestations of headache pain when tilting the head down can have a different intensity and character. It can be throbbing, shooting, dull, oppressive, aching, etc.

Headache when tilted causes treatmentDepending on the experts distinguish several types:

  • Tension. The most common variant, in which a person feels that the head is compressed and squeezed. When this characteristic is the voltage in the sockets, and the strong tension of the frontal muscle. Most often it is caused by stress, physical and psychological stress.
  • Migraine. For such problems characterized by localized discomfort in a small part of the head that last up to four hours. When bending a person begins to feel strong dizziness, nausea and General weakness. The person also begins acutely responsive to noise and light.
  • Response to external and internal factors. In this case, the pain is characterized by low intensity and additional negative feelings, including feelings of fatigue, irritability, drowsiness etc. to Start the process can screams, prolonged noise, bad smell, fear, etc.
  • Cluster. This type of pain is relatively rare and is more typical for the representatives of the stronger sex. She is throbbing in nature and located in one place.
  • If the slope of headache, most often we are talking about the presence of sinusitis. While out of my head the feeling goes to the cheeks, cheekbones, eyes and teeth. The intensity of the pain greatly increases when the person tilts his head. When sinusitis is characterized by purulent discharge from the nose. Head tilts at this time is dangerous because the pus can get into your head.

Different symptoms can indicate different problems and diseases.

In spite of this, cheerleaders need the following:

  1. Sudden and very violent headache, which the person can be described as the strongest in his life.
  2. Strong tension in the area of the eye, accompanied by redness of the eye.
  3. Headaches, which are complemented by numbness of the hands or feet, loss of consciousness, impaired speech or vision, loss of balance and memory impairment.
  4. Severe headache, which increases with the slope, which persists throughout the day.
  5. Smut pain, in which there are symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and high temperature.

In such cases you need not to waste time and immediately seek help from a doctor, as these factors may indicate diseases dangerous to human life.


The treatment of various types of headache depends on the characteristics of the problem that caused it.

Headache when tilted causes treatmentOptimal treatment will select the specialist after examination of the person, but in General, it foresees the following:

  • As for tension pain, then it is treated with analgesics and anti-inflammatory substances. If she’s not leaving for a long time, then you need to complete a full course of examinations by specialists. To prevent you need to eat right, avoid stress and spend more time in the fresh air.
  • In the presence of pain when tilting in connection with the sinusitis must first get rid of the disease. For this purpose, different medical drugs, including antibiotics, antihistamines, saline spacers, a variety of nasal drugs as well as surgery.
  • Cluster pain is removed by oxygen therapy.
  • If there is pain due to high blood pressure need to eliminate the inflammatory processes in blood vessels.
  • If the headache is caused by problems with the spine, it is necessary to use antispasmodic drugs, analgesics and the application of massage and medical gymnastics.

Treatment should appoint an appropriate specialist in a particular field – ENT, cardiologist, therapist, etc. In some cases, for the solution of problems requires the participation of several doctors.

Headache during the tilt may appear in a variety of factors.

To eliminate the disease only if you have an accurate diagnosis and correctly chosen scheme of treatment.

For this purpose, as medication and surgery, and techniques such as:

  • massage,
  • physical activity,
  • the rejection of bad habits,
  • proper nutrition.

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