The nosebleed and headache causes

Headache often occurs in people, and for good reason. Perhaps the person is overtired or is suffering from changes in blood pressure. It happens sometimes that the negative symptom of hidden causes pathology which the citizen does not even suspect. In some cases there is simultaneously a bloody nose and headache. Causes immediately want to know, because these signs do not seem to be safe. It would be best to consult a doctor and not to self-medicate. If in the near future there is no possibility to see a specialist, then you should fully familiarize yourself with possible disease.

Safe factors

If you have a headache and a bloody nose, then do not just look at disease. For a start it is recommended to see the safe factors. Some people are much external stimuli, which lead to unpleasant symptoms. This is especially true of those citizens who have weak and fragile capillary walls. They especially can suffer from even minor exposure to the environment.

The nosebleed and headache causesThe main provoking factors:

  1. Too dry air in the street or indoors. In this case, you might encounter not only with a headache, but with a bloody nose. Typically, these symptoms may appear only once and in the near future again.
  2. Strong laughter or coughing. In this situation, the blood from the nose usually occurs only in people with weak vascular walls.
  3. Damage to the mucous membranes of the nose. It is quite delicate, so easily injured. As a result, you may experience intermittent nasal bleeding. It can be abundant, even a minor injury. While headache is rare, it may perhaps occur because of other factors.
  4. Pressure differences caused by the climbing or diving depth. If the person is not accustomed to such, then it is not surprising headache.
  5. Allergic reaction. She faced many people, especially in the flowering period of plants. Allergies can manifest in various ways, some watery eyes, sneezing and other covered spots. It is also possible a nosebleed due to irritation of the epithelium. In such a situation it is useful to maintain the body in order to release the allergen and to protect themselves from his influence.
  6. Overheating in the sun. This cause can hardly be called safe, because it is capable of leading to negative consequences. Of course, sunstroke in most cases is easily treated and does not cause complications. Thus, if you long to be in the sun even after the first signs of overheating, it may be even fatal.

Some people have headache and bleeding from the nose appear in overdose of medicines. In such a situation it is extremely important time to take action, in particular to wash out the stomach. This is necessary in order to avoid negative consequences. With the appearance of other symptoms is recommended to call an ambulance, because overdose can lead to irreversible consequences.

If a person regularly suffers from nose bleeding, you should definitely consult a doctor. Such manifestations can say that a person has had a serious health problem. All pathology is easier to treat at an early stage of development. For this reason, it is not necessary to postpone visit to the doctor and to wait, while the problem itself will be solved.

Of vascular disease

In today’s world, many people have problems with blood vessels that occur under the influence of negative factors. Some problems are congenital, they appear during fetal development.

There are acquired diseases, which arise due to improper lifestyle or illness.

For example, dystonia can lead to the fact that a person will be bleeding from the nose. To suspect the disease, it is enough to recognize its symptoms. Among them, frequent dizziness, headache, mood swings, tingling in the heart, numbness of the limbs. These signs most often occur in spring and autumn, when there is a sharp change in the weather. Also pathology greatly disturbs people during puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

Diseases of the blood vessels at first glance may seem safe. In fact, they can lead to serious complications such as stroke. To prevent serious complications, it is recommended that the time be diagnosed by a specialist and to identify the underlying disease.

Traumatic brain injury

One of the most common reasons that may relate to any person. If, after injury, headache and bleeding from the nose, you will need to carefully observe the human condition. Some severe complications can occur immediately, as, for example, a few hours or even days.

Correct just after the injury to see a specialist and, if necessary, undergo a medical examination. This will help to verify any deviations after the injury. It should be noted that injury can lead to swelling of the brain, where irreversible complications and can be fatal. To prevent a dangerous condition, just need to keep an eye out health.

Do not ignore these symptoms after a trauma, like low blood pressure, increased nervousness, dizziness, and difficulty concentrating. All of this suggests that the body can be dangerous processes. Self-treatment is not allowed, because in this case there is a big risk to worsen the condition.

Inflammatory processes in the body

If a person is bleeding from the nose and headache, then this may indicate the beginning of the inflammatory process. Similar symptoms are characteristic for pathologies of the upper respiratory tract. In such a situation, cephalalgia will increase during movement and also during physical activity. Sure to be a stuffy nose and will cause General weakness.

Bleeding caused directly by external negative factors. This can be excessive use of a vasoconstrictor, a strong Bismarckian and high dryness of the mucous membrane. In order to prevent the development of pathology, it is necessary to consult at the doctor.

Not all inflammation of the upper respiratory tract are harmless, for example, sinusitis may lead to meningitis. As a result, the negative effects of the exposed brain, which can lead to severe complications.

Hypertensive crisis

Some patients may have a headache because of the occurrence of hypertensive crisis. In such a situation is observed nosebleeds, and dizziness. The patient necessary to measure the pressure, to understand what pathology has to deal with. High levels may say that the bloodstream is significantly enhanced, and this leads to the rupture of small capillaries.

Other symptoms of hypertensive crisis:

  1. Nausea, in rare cases, vomiting can be.
  2. Rapid heart rate, the tachycardia is not typical for humans.
  3. Vision problems can occur to see spots.
  4. Facial flushing, accompanied by swelling.
  5. Tinnitus that occurs for no apparent reason.

In this condition the pressure can age up to 200 to 120, the indicator is able to increase. This condition should be considered a threat, because you should immediately call an ambulance. Extremely important time to begin to reduce the pressure to avoid significant deterioration of health.

First aid

The nosebleed and headache causesRegardless of the cause of nosebleed, it is important to know how to handle this situation. It is imperative that people took sitting position, the head should be approximately at the level of the chest. Should loosen collar or tie if it interferes with breathing. To the nose it will be useful to apply something cold and hold no more than 10 minutes.

If the bleeding does not stop, then you should use a cotton swab or gauze. It is useful to pre-wet the material in the saline. If the headache intensifies, then it is necessary to use Dipyrone or Paracetamol.

In some situations it is impossible to independently take action and it is important to call the doctor. Call the ambulance you need if you suspect a stroke, for fainting and impaired consciousness, with the deterioration of the human being and strong vomiting. Also contact the doctors need when first aid is not helping.

If blood from a nose appeared and the child does not subside, then you definitely need to call a doctor. Not worth risking your health, because in case of serious pathologies, it is crucial to start the treatment. Only a medical specialist will be able to clearly say what we have to deal with.

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  1. Overheating in the sun. This cause can hardly be called safe, because it is capable of leading to negative consequences. Of course, sunstroke in most cases is easily treated and does not cause complications. Thus, if you long to be in the sun even after the first signs of overheating, it may be even fatal.

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  3. In such a situation it is useful to maintain the body in order to release the allergen and to protect themselves from his influence.

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