The sand in the gallbladder treatment

The sand in the gallbladder often occurs in people due to high content of harmful cholesterol in the body. The fact is that during a meal bile is produced continuously from the bladder. It is very important to the ratio of water and various elements of bile was correct. Otherwise, the cholesterol will precipitate, thereby to form the sand.

Usually this disease affects people at the age when the normal operation of intestines and other organs is disturbed. But among the causes of sand there are several main ones: poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and some medications, especially hormonal.


So that you can correctly identify the disease, should be clear about its main symptoms. When the sand in the gallbladder symptoms do not manifest immediately. At first, they expressed little, and then become more vivid.

  1. Man being tormented by periodic headaches, insomnia. And often the medication has absolutely no effect. Often after insomnia even nightmares, which cannot be explained by the patient’s psychological state.
  2. The patient begins faster and stronger to get tired, feel lethargy to work. Thus both the physical and emotional state deteriorate. Considerably worse memory over time, even becomes difficult to engage in physical activity if it is associated with the profession.
  3. Against this background, the bad man is given the consumption of fatty and high-calorie food. At the slightest excess pain is felt in the gut, side, sometimes accompanied by nausea or even vomiting. If the immune system is weakened, and possibly a fever.
  4. Begin slowly and problems with the skin condition. She becomes lethargic and pale. But most often on the face appear purulent pimples, pores become too visible, the skin quickly imeet. And often the acne is impossible to deduce, if you treat them with ointments and lotions.

It should be clearly understood that the exact diagnosis can only physician. Therefore, if you suspect the disease you will immediately have an ultrasound examination. And best of all hold it once a year. After all, while the cholesterol accumulates, the disease does not.

Treatment of the disease

In order that the treatment of the sand in the gallbladder proved to be most effective, should first have to consult a doctor.

It can schedule pharmacy medicines, if the disease started. But most of the doctors claim that the main thing is diet. Consider some useful General advice and recipes of traditional medicine, which will help to combat the disease.

General guidelines

As a rule, most of the sand in the gallbladder accumulates in people who suffer from obesity. Therefore, the main rule is active lifestyle. If there is no time for special classes, you should at least take a walk in the fresh air. Ideally, it is good to sign up for fitness, swimming. This will help to eliminate excess cholesterol will help to normalize weight.

Very important and a healthy diet. For this from your diet you need to eliminate fat, smoked, spicy and salty foods with a high content of cholesterol. Especially need to limit yourself from food that prevents the liver. And that sugar, starch, oil, baking.

At the same time, you need as much as possible to consume foods that are rich in fiber and fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs. One should try to drink a lot of juice and just pure non-carbonated water. The use of strong tea and coffee is unacceptable until fully removed all the sand from the gallbladder.

If the patient has bad habits, they too should be abandoned, otherwise the diet will be useless. Great harm having the intake of alcoholic beverages. Smoking will only exacerbate the appearance of sand in the kidneys, and can affect your overall health, slow down the metabolic processes in the body.

Popular recipes

Treatment of the sand in the gallbladder is good to carry out the methods of traditional medicine. Typically, these recipes are all natural and harmless for human health, they will not impair the functioning of the liver or bowel, damage of the stomach wall.

Good treatment – the reception of natural fresh juices. Need daily before a meal drink a glass of freshly squeezed beet, carrot or cucumber juice. It is best to drink about 6-7 glasses of juice a day. So the bladder will also start to work actively.

Good effect gives normal water with the juice of fresh lemons or limes. To do this, take a liter of pure non-carbonated water and squeeze out all the juice of a whole lemon medium size. All stir thoroughly and take small portions during the day.

It is also good to make herbal teas. Best suited peppermint, berries rose hips, chicory ordinary. Tablespoon of herbs pour a glass of boiling water, infused broth an hour with the lid closed, then drink at night. As for chicory, it is necessary to drink instead of coffee is not only will remove the sand from the gallbladder, but also make the body more resistant to other diseases.

At stones in the kidneys or gallbladder should often eat porridge. Oats helps to eliminate excess cholesterol from the body. But for therapeutic purposes it is best to eat oatmeal, not quick cooking, but the one you need to cook.

Thus, the main causes, symptoms, and treatment of the sand in the gallbladder considered. It is important to remember that the main thing – in time to see a doctor to have it diagnosed. Then get quickly to cope with the disease and not to cause negative effects.

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