The causes of abscess of the liver treatment

Liver abscess may occur on the background of complications of any disease, e.g., ulcerative colitis or suppurative appendicitis. In the liver tissue in a cavity of a circular shape, filled with thick pus with a pungent odor. Most often this disease affects older men.

The most important time to seek medical help from professionals to prevent complications in the form of tearing and bleeding.

Causes of liver abscess

In addition to inflammatory diseases of other abdominal organs, infection in the liver can penetrate through bile duct. The cause may be inflammation or stones in the gallbladder. A malignant tumor in the bile ducts can also be the cause of the abscess.

The infection can invade the liver when infected blood in the abdominal cavity. It is worth noting also such causes as injury to the liver due to injury or tissue damage during surgical intervention.

The causes of abscess of the liver divide it into bacterial, caused by staphylococci, streptococci or Escherichia coli, and parasitic, which is caused by amoeba or Ascaris.

Amoebic abscess occurs due to dysentery caused by the amoeba, which often can be observed in tropical countries. Amoebiasis is usually single and is developing mainly in the right lobe of the liver. Almost half of cases, amoebiasis causes dysentery, which had a patient a few months ago.

The symptoms appearance of the disease

The patient first feels a long and aching pain in the right hypochondrium. They can give to the right shoulder and liver area, a feeling of heaviness and bursting. These symptoms are accompanied by fever up to 38°C. the Liver may increase in size. The symptoms are supplemented by shivering in the whole body and the appearance of “goose skin”. The patient’s appetite decreases, so that it loses much of its weight. If abscesses are multiple, skin and mucous membranes of the patient can be painted in yellow color. Possible enlargement of the spleen and presence of abdominal free fluid, but such symptoms are rare.

At the initial stage symptoms of intoxication, such as blurred vision, General weakness, headache, and dizziness, noise in the ears. Memory and attention of the patient is violated, perhaps even the emergence of hallucinations.

In the second stage of the disease the symptoms appear, which define the liver. Patient’s urine becomes dark in color, and the feces discolored. Probably bleeding from veins in the esophagus or intestine, it is manifested by vomiting or loose stools.

Amoebiasis can take place in an acute form, when the disease is accompanied by high body temperature, the patient feels fatigued and chills. In chronic amoebiasis occurs more easily. In any case, there is a feeling of heaviness and pain in region of liver.

The treatment of the disease

When the first symptoms of the disease, the patient should be immediately referred to a medical facility, where he will provide emergency care. In bacterial liver abscess treatment with antibiotics that are selected depending on the type of pathogen. Amebic abscess of the liver treated protivosemnye drugs.

Can be assigned to drainage of the abscess, which by means of ultrasound in the cavity is introduced the needle of a syringe to remove fluid. In the same way in the cavity can be administered antibiotics. Accommodation is in the cavity of the two coupling tubes, which for a long time to make the laundering of the cavity medicinal solutions hindering the growth of microorganisms.

If drainage is impossible, then can be appointed surgery. The operation is prescribed in the presence of a few large abscesses. Multiple amoebic liver abscess can lead to very serious complications.

Treatment is directed primarily to destroy the causative agent. When bacterial abscess prescribed antibiotics such as Cefoperazone, Norfloxacin. Amoebiasis is treated with metronidazole, the treatment lasts about 10 days. More efficiently amoebic liver abscess treated with Iodophenol, about 20 days, it allows to cure an intestinal infection and defeat amoebiasis. Prescribed for pain Nospanum or ibuprofen.

To stop the bleeding, appoint etamzilat sodium or Menadione. The course of treatment and dosage of drugs prescribed by a doctor in each case. If the doctor had correctly diagnosed, amoebiasis is not a threat to the life of the patient.

During and after the treatment the patient should follow a strict diet that will facilitate the healing process. From the diet should exclude all salty, fatty, smoked and fried foods, fatty meats, eggs, coffee and alcohol. Preference should be given to cereals, vegetable soups, lean meat and fresh vegetables and fruits. You should eat up to 6 times a day but small portions.

To further prevent the amoebiasis of the liver, should always observe the rules of personal hygiene. Vegetables and fruits before eating it is necessary to wash. You need to drink only clean water should be excluded from entering the water system content of the sewage. If a person has ever been discovered amoebiasis, it should not be allowed to work in catering establishments. Thus, amoebiasis is not to be disseminated to the public.

All patients who suffered from amoebiasis, after recovery requires follow-up over 1 year. During this period, regularly conduct laboratory tests, which allows time to identify possible re-infection.

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