What is jaundice how is jaundice

What is jaundice, how is this disease? Jaundice – a symptom of the disease, which stains the skin and the mucous in a yellow color. Contagious jaundice depends on what disease it caused.

Is there any jaundice, and in what forms? Only in hepatitis of viral origin, which today is a large number, incubation period and routes of transmission may be different. To change the tint of the skin can not only disease.

It so happens that after excessive consumption of foods with a high content of carotenes – carrots, citrus skin can be painted in jaundiced orange.

Blame bilirubin

Medical science defines three major forms of jaundice:

  1. Mechanical, when the bile is for tumors, stones or adhesions is not poured into the duodenum. Bile bilirubin is absorbed into the bloodstream and stains the skin yellow.
  2. Hemolytic (the process of disintegration of erythrocytes).
  3. Hepatic jaundice (hepatitis) – inflammation of liver tissue.

Contagious or not depends on caused her illness. More recently, the term “jaundice” is most often attributed to hepatitis A (Botkin’s disease), when it was possible to become infected through food and household items of General use. Today in the foreground are the hepatitis b and C, which are typical less contagiousness, but more dangerous in terms of complications.

Symptoms of jaundice can cause:

  • disease of an infectious nature;
  • cirrhotic liver;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • intoxication (poisoning);
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • the immaturity of liver cells in newborns.

Contagious jaundice? Only in the first case when the disease of infectious nature. In other cases, it poses no threat to others – neither for adults nor for children.

Media infection contagious:

  • in viral hepatitis (acute, incubation period can last up to 45 days);
  • infectious mononucleosis;
  • leptospirosis;
  • yellow fever.

How is jaundice a specific disease depends on the pathogen. For example, when mono carrier externally can be perfectly healthy and get you through kissing or shared utensils.

Most often catch jaundice from a person infected with viral hepatitis fecal-oral way: through food, water, household items. Hepatitis b or C transmitted by blood, sexual contact, and in utero from mother to fetus.

Routes of transmission and prevention

While hepatitis A and E can be transmitted through neprochitannoe water and shared utensils with a sick person. To avoid this, you should not drink untreated water from wells or other natural water bodies. After contact with the patient should wash hands thoroughly with soap and water, avoid to use them with the same dishes, and toiletries. Hepatitis E is particularly dangerous for pregnant women. How is jaundice in the disease, C and D: the virus enters through broken skin, mucous membranes or directly into the bloodstream.

To the question, is it possible to get it if there is visible damage, do doctors have the answer: it is possible. The virus is so small that it can penetrate even the invisible wounds on the skin and mucous membranes.

The disease is transmitted:

  • through kissing;
  • during sexual contacts;
  • during the use of common medical instruments and syringes in the home;
  • when using tools for manicure, pedicure, body piercing, razors, combs;
  • in medical institutions with poorly processed reusable instruments;
  • during pregnancy from mother to fetus;
  • during blood transfusions, blood products;
  • during rendering medical care to the person-the carrier of the disease through contact with saliva, blood.

Is there any jaundice has been ill? Perhaps re-infection, although previously it was thought that this disease can be recover once. To avoid infection, you should reduce the chances of infection to zero.

To preventive measures include:

  • the use of disposable dental instruments;
  • the use of condoms during sexual intercourse with a carrier of the hepatitis C virus;
  • a thorough and impartial selection of beauty and tattoo parlours;
  • hygiene products without exception must be personal;
  • to exclude the purchase of products in the spontaneous markets;
  • vaccination.

In addition, the family of the sick are appointed injections of immunoglobulin. The best treatment is prevention. The main thing is to be vigilant, sensible and attentive. And then the disease will pass away.

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