Prevention in chronic hepatitis

Chronic hepatitis is an inflammatory liver disease. The so-called polietiologic inflammation, which occurs without disruption of lobular and vascular architectonics of the liver. Chronic hepatitis can last for 6 months or more. All chronic liver diseases, including hepatitis, improper treatment can lead to disastrous outcome.

There are easy and chronic hepatitis. Hepatitis there are different types, the classification depends on what type of virus excites him. However, symptoms of chronic hepatitis, whatever it was, is similar in all its forms and manifestations.

Hepatitis in easy stages and hepatitis with minimal activity treated very quickly and effectively, it can be cured completely, and in the chronic form, hepatitis can lead to many complications in the form of serious diseases. These include chronic persistent hepatitis, cirrhosis, cryptogenic hepatitis.

The causes of the disease

Doctors around the world say that it is still unknown precisely what causes excite hepatitis. We only know that this disease greatly afflict the liver.

When a person identifies hepatitis b, take blood for analysis and found these antibodies that cause the destruction of liver cells. In some cases, you can trace the genetic mechanism of this disease. But most often the main reason why a person gets sick with hepatitis, it becomes banal abuse of alcohol.

On the occurrence of disease is influenced by chronic liver disease. A similar condition may occur due to the fact that the man took a long drink drugs that adversely affect the liver. Most likely, these people are self involved and ignore the possibility of a trip to the doctor. Because any competent specialist will not prescribe this drug for a long time and will monitor how the patient takes it, to avoid chronic persistent hepatitis.


Some time signs of the disease may not manifest itself, and to discover it, just passing the tests for liver enzymes, and if they will be increased amount. The main symptom of chronic hepatitis is liver failure, which, again, does not appear immediately, but only at a later and advanced stages. Once liver failure occurs, in humans there is a General weakness, nausea, in some cases, vomiting, right upper quadrant occurs and does not disappear pulling feeling skin change color and can have yellow.

Sometimes, in addition to changing color, the skin begins to itch. By touching the abdomen of the patient an experienced doctor will be able to understand that he had an enlarged liver. It is also a common symptom.

Chronic active hepatitis mainly affects female children, as in adults. Sometimes it develops under the usual acute hepatitis, but acute is a more pronounced worsening of the disease. Hepatitis is manifested by fatigue, sometimes severe, sometimes a long time isolated, receiving needs assessment only for the manifestation of the signs of liver damage

Diagnosis of the disease

If the patient complains of typical the signs described above, are assigned a diagnosis of chronic hepatitis. For a start, the doctor puts the patient in a horizontal position and holds probing his abdomen by palpation. He does this in order to see an enlarged liver and salesenquiry no. The doctor should listen carefully to the patient and a detailed medical history.

The specialist conducts analysis on the content in the patient’s blood to a viral infection; if one is found, it is a special hepatitis, which should show whether there is a hepatitis b blood, what forms and varieties.

To determine the patient is a common blood test. If you still suspect the hepatitis, the patient performed a blood test for the detection of hepatic function. In order to ensure the correct diagnosis, carry out an abdominal ultrasound, checking again, whether enlarged liver and spleen, as it is a characteristic sign of hepatitis. And then examine the liver using computed tomography and biopsy.

The treatment of the disease

The patient must realize the seriousness of the situation in which he found himself. Hepatitis is treated successfully only under the condition that the diagnosis is correctly, and also correctly determined its form. How to treat the disease, the doctor will decide, self excluded. Each of the forms of hepatitis treated with specific medications prescribe a specific schedule of their reception and treatment in General.

If the form of hepatitis is not heavy, and the patient in time to see a doctor, treatment will be drugs, but extremely strong, for example, interferon. In the case that the phase of hepatitis does run, can not do without surgery. Treatment of chronic hepatitis b is carried out using Interferon and Lamivudine.

Treatment of hepatitis with medicines intended to reduce the amount of toxins that are found in the liver and interfere with its normal operation. This treatment is effective not because it is a good products. The fact that the liver is a unique organ in the human body, it is able to recover, even if it was seriously damaged or affected. Therefore, use of these drugs starts the recovery mechanisms of the liver, and after a while she begins to slowly come back to normal. The treatment of chronic hepatitis C is performed only in hospital, the patient needs bed rest.

When the patient recovers, begins to take illicit drugs and alcohol, relapse and treat her will be much harder. After this disease the liver is much diminished, and, if a person wants to live a normal life, he will have to take care of yourself and your body in General and liver in particular, to comply with the diet.

Prevention of the disease

Prevention of chronic hepatitis b is the prevention of viral hepatitis, the elimination of both household and industrial poisonings, the refusal to accept alcohol examination of persons who have suffered viral hepatitis. This also applies to the restrictions in the admission of certain types of drugs. Statistics shows that if you don’t pursue proper treatment of chronic hepatitis B, it leads to death.

The complex of therapeutic measures it is hardly possible to imagine without a special regime and dieting. The food must contain many vitamins. Animal fats should be limited. You need to increase the intake of carbohydrates and proteins.

The patient must enter into your diet legumes, milk and dairy products, trubnye and oat decoctions, lean meat and fish, fruit and vegetable purees and juices, fruit and berry sweet varieties, cheese, cottage cheese, cod, helping to prevent chronic hepatitis.

Cure chronic hepatitis, it is impossible, but at observance of all recommendations of the doctor has a chance to achieve long-term remission. To chronic hepatitis did not return again, you need to stick to a diet and regularly take medications to maintain liver function. And remember: it is important to immediately identify the symptoms and treatment of liver diseases to avoid possible complications.

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