Symptoms of hepatitis and the route of infection

Hepatitis: what is this disease and how dangerous is it? Our liver is constantly exposed to the negative influence of unfavorable factors, to that list can be very long. Because of this, modern people often complain of pain in the above the body and different problems in his work.

One of the most difficult and dangerous diseases is hepatitis of the liver. Causes of hepatitis can be very diverse. Inflammation in the liver can cause infectious pathogens, autoimmune diseases and toxic substances (drugs and alcohol). Hepatitis in drug addicts is very common because of the dirty needles that they are doing subcutaneous injections.

Symptoms of the disease and way of infection

There are several signs that you can fully feel what the hepatitis.

The symptoms of this disease have a certain similarity with the flu:

  • headache;
  • fatigue;
  • heaviness in the abdomen, which is permanent;
  • high temperature;
  • vomiting;
  • nausea;
  • an increase in the abdomen;
  • loss of appetite.

Many people ask how to recognize hepatitis in its early stages without testing. This is difficult due to similarity symptoms with other diseases. What are the signs of the disease appear in the first place? A sick person yellow skin and whites of the eyes. Among other symptoms may be noted urine brown, colorless or gray stool and a feeling of tightness in the upper quadrant.

How is hepatitis? Lets you know about a disease about 6 weeks after contact with an infected person or object. In the period from 2 weeks to 2 months a person is at the 1st stage of the disease and can infect others.

In medicine, hepatitis is divided into 5 main types:

  • A;
  • B;
  • C;
  • D;
  • E.

All of these syndromes pose a great threat to man, because they lead to death. Mass diseases cause epidemics. This is especially true for types C and B. these strains are viral infections are the main cause of cancer and liver cirrhosis. The disease is transmitted in different ways. As for the types b, C and D are distributed with body fluids, namely blood, saliva, through sexual contact, during childbirth from mother to child, and even when contaminated medical equipment that had contact with the sick person, and then with a healthy. Hepatitis A and B fall into the human body together with contaminated products.

Acute hepatitis type A also spreads because of lack of hygiene. Type a can be cured, but the dismissive attitude to the disease can cause serious complications.

As for the type, approximately 10% of all infected, the disease becomes chronic. To prevent this type of disease is through timely vaccination. Today, the medical staff conducted an extensive prevention of disease among children. It is important to note that if a person was vaccinated, the infection will not cause liver damage, and if the grafting was carried out immediately after infection, it can stop the disease in its initial stages.

Hepatitis b can be transmitted sexually and via dirty needles. So you need to be careful when doing piercing and tattoos. Previously, 20% of blood transfusions ended in hepatitis type B.

Serious danger

If we talk about what hepatitis is most dangerous, to draw conclusions is very difficult, because it depends on the duration of illness, nature of symptoms and individual characteristics of the patient. The third type of hepatitis C affects the human body through the blood. This type is called the most dangerous, because it leads to the chronic form of the disease.

Today there are a number of methods that allow to test for a latent form of the carrier and even to detect the disease in donor blood. This allows to significantly reduce the number of hepatitis when donor blood transfusion and to stop the spread of the disease carrier. It is difficult to name the most dangerous hepatitis. All types of the disease is very serious.

The method of treatment of hepatitis

The first thing I would like to note that none of the methods of traditional therapy does not relieve you from the disease. In the treatment of hepatitis b is obligatory hospitalization of the patient. As drug therapy doctors use treatment with nucleoside and interferon, which stops the reproduction of viruses, strengthen the struggle of human cells with the virus and save the liver from damage.

Used combination regimen, as individually the drugs of these groups do not bring any result. As a complement you can turn to folk medicine and drink herbal teas. But remember, only as a Supplement. By trial doctor will determine the most appropriate treatment option and prescribe a course of treatment in the individual mode. If the therapy doesn’t help for 2 weeks, the combination of drugs is changing. The treatment lasts on average six months, but if the disease is discovered at a late stage, the time it would take you a lot more.

I would like to mention that the treatment of hepatitis entails a number of consequences, namely:

  • hair loss;
  • dysfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • dry skin;
  • weight loss;
  • the loss of teeth;
  • depressed mood and frequent depression.

Surgery is required when the acute hepatitis has already turned into cirrhosis. Any specific programs or methods for effective treatment of hepatitis in newborns and in adults does not exist in principle. The patient needs plenty of rest, eat right and quit bad habits. Excessive alcohol consumption will hinder recovery and exacerbate any form of hepatitis. The liver hepatitis is destroyed very quickly, so at the first symptoms of the disease immediately consult.

During treatment of hepatitis is sometimes required to carry out preventive maintenance of all family members. In some cases, relatives have injections of immunoglobulin.

Don’t be afraid to take the tests!

Lost in conjecture as to detect the hepatitis or with relatives, most people forget the existence of doctors and modern diagnostic methods. Suspicion on a hepatitis it is possible to refute or confirm, having passed the blood test. Within 3 days you will get results. If the diagnosis is confirmed, you will be able to begin treatment and get rid of this unpleasant disease. How to test your blood for the presence of infectious disease, will tell you in any medical center or clinic.

Do not neglect your health, pass a physical examination at least once a year. Eat right, don’t abuse alcohol. Then you never know what is hepatitis and its consequences.

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